15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas

15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas


Giving your workspace a refresh is a great idea if your tired of looking at the same space. Research has shown that if you enjoy being in your office, productivity increases.

Personalize your space in a way that inspires and motivates you. These inspirational and luxurious office decor ideas are sure to help you feel more comfortable in your office. 

When you are decorating your office there are a few important factors that will help you get it right. The main things to consider are color choices, functionality and your own personal tastes.

Don't be afraid to be creative because having a workspace that you love is going to be useful. 

1. Modern Desk with Filing Cabinets - Light Wood Finish

This modern executive desk features lots of space and built-in filing cabinets. Being able to locate what you need quickly is sure to increase productivity in the workplace. It offers ample storage space, a large desktop, and luxurious design.

This is a premium office furniture piece that is perfect for any professional.

Best Features:

  • American cherry wood veneer with a smooth finish
  • 4 lockable drawers
  • lots of storage space
  • large desktop
  • durable wooden feet
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Zuri Furniture

Available at - Amazon/Zuri Furniture

2. Rustic Vintage Industrial Style Bookshelf

Add some extra storage or a special feature with this stylish shelving. Perfect for displaying books, photographs and more.

This shelf is not just a cool idea for the office, it will look great in your home as well. If you like an interesting or industrial style then it is sure to appeal.

Best Features:

  • Modern industrial style
  • Durable
  • Practical and decorative
  • Easy to assemble without any tools
  • Elegant and full of character
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Barnyard Designs

Available at - Amazon/Barnyard Designs

3. Wingback Traditional Chair in Burgundy

If you work long hours then you will understand the importance of comfort in the workplace. This premium office chair is designed for comfort and the height is adjustable.

Any professional office is sure to be enhanced by the elegance of this chair.

Best Features:

  • designed for comfort
  • elegant and stylish
  • available in black or burgundy
  • mahogany wood finish
  • hand finished with brass nails
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Boss Office Products

Available at - Amazon/Boss Office Products

4. Inside Venice: A Private View of the City's Most Beautiful Interiors 

Inspirational books are a great addition to any office. Display them in a bookshelf or on a coffee table. Choose a topic that inspires you. Books about places you are planning to visit or hobbies you enjoy are a great choice.

This is also a fabulous choice for a waiting room. Your clients are sure to enjoy checking out the amazing photographs.

Best Features:

  • fabulous pictures
  • looks great on the shelf
  • an excellent coffee table book
  • features a durable hardcover
  • inspirational
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Toto Rossi

Available at - Amazon/Toto Rossi

5. Handcrafted Designer Picture Frame

It is common to display pictures of loved ones in the office. This is because it is a reminder of why you work so hard. If you have a family to provide for then photographs of your children can be a great inspiration.

This beautifully carved photo frame is sure to look great anywhere in your office.

Best Features:

  • elegant handcrafted design
  • suitable for most office styles
  • shabby chic finish
  • can stand alone or be hung on a wall
  • choose from several different sizes
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Madeline Home

Available at - Amazon/Madeline Home

6. Abstract Mountain at Night Canvas Print

This modern art print has a whimsical appeal that is sure to brighten up your office. It is a three-panel piece that features calming blues and greens.

If you are an art lover or a nature lover then you are sure to enjoy the vibe of this piece. You can hang them in a row ar create even more interest by experimenting with heights and angles.

Best Features:

  • comes ready to hang
  • unique and modern
  • features calming colors
  • high definition printing
  • vivid color
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Gardenia Art

Available at - Amazon/Gardenia Art

7. Inspirational Quote Rustic Black Wood Look Mouse Pad

If you use a mousepad at your desk then it is something that you see often. This is why an interesting or inspiring one is a great idea.

This cool mousepad features a motivational quote to help get you through the day.

Best Features:

  • modern rustic wood design
  • a wide range of quotes to choose from
  • great gift idea
  • made from soft materials for comfort
  • natural rubber base
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Knseva

Available at - Amazon/Knseva

8. Self Standing Motivational Calendar

This beautiful calendar gives you a new reason to be motivated each day. The stand-alone style makes it perfect for any desk or flat surface.

It features a colorful design and a motivational quote on every page. This is a universal calendar that can be reused every year.

Best Features:

  • colorful and creative design
  • stands on any flat surface
  • a motivational quote on every page
  • great gift idea
  • can be reused every year
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Excello Global Products

Available at - Amazon/Excello Global Products

9. Set Of Three Miniature Artificial Plants

Indoor plants are great but they are not always practical for the office. If you are a nature lover with an office that is not plant friendly then these are a great alternative. No need to water them or give them sun, they will look great all year round.

As an added bonus each one also displays an inspirational quote. A cool choice for the home, the office or as a gift.

Best Features:

  • a great way to create a fresh atmosphere
  • they look good almost anywhere
  • a great alternative to living plants
  • this set makes a cool gift idea
  • suitable for any flat surface
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Opps

Available at - Amazon/Opps

10. Illuminated Indoor Water Fountain

This tabletop fountain is a cool way to add a zen touch to your workspace. It is perfect for any desk, shelf or side table. The built-in pump operates quietly so that it does not disturb your concentration. Perfect for adding a calming element to a busy workspace.

Best Features:

  • easy to operate
  • the pump is designed to operate quietly
  • suitable for any flat surface
  • plug-in design
  • creates the soothing sound of water
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Homedics

Available at - Amazon/Homedics

11. Cool Personalized Name Plate

Personalized nameplates are common in many offices. A custom nameplate with a design that appeals to you can add a nice touch to your workspace.

This clear acrylic nameplate has a unique look and several different styles are available. Choose a style that represents your position and your personality.

Best Features:

  • unique look
  • several design choices
  • customizable
  • cool gift idea for a teacher or a workmate
  • eyecatching
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Artblox

Available at - Amazon/Artblox

12. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are great for improving moral and treating minor ailments. Having one on your desk is a great idea. You can diffuse oils to treat headaches or to relieve stress whenever needed.

Best Features:

  • easy to use
  • you can choose oils to suit your personal needs
  • use oils to calm your mood or to treat minor ailments
  • makes your office smell great
  • 100% safe to use
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Anjou

Available at - Amazon/Anjou

13. Chalkboard Style Motivational Posters

Motivational posters are a popular choice when it comes to office wall art. This cool chalkboard design is sure to appeal and there are many different quotes to choose from.

Best Features:

  • decorative
  • many different quotes to choose from
  • inexpensive wall art idea
  • on-trend chalkboard style
  • cool gift ideas
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Postelix

Available at - Amazon/Postelix

14. Removable Swivel Chair Cover

These swivel chair covers are a cool and inexpensive way to make your office chair look great. Office chairs can be expensive and often you will not supply your own.

With one of these cool covers, you can personalize any standard swivel chair. Choose from a very wide selection of patterns and colors.

Best Features:

  • machine washable
  • lots of patterns and colors to choose from
  • keeps your chair clean and free of dust
  • fits most standard swivel chairs
  • inexpensive
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/Freahap

Available at - Amazon/Freahap

15. Convenient Desk Organizer

Keep your most used items nearby with this convenient desk organizer. It can hold pens, pencils, your phone, and a drink.

You can keep your desk clear and still have everything that you need at your fingertips. The stand is designed to sit between you and your computer screen.

Best Features:

  • easy to use
  • provides convenient storage for small items
  • will help you keep your desk organized
  • built-in cup holder
  • space-saving design
15 Luxurious and Inspirational Office Decor Ideas
Source: Amazon/CYBERNOVA

Available at - Amazon/CYBERNOVA

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