15 Fantastic Henna Tattoo Ideas

Henna tattoos have been used throughout the Arab world for thousands of years. A paste made from henna leaves is painted onto the skin in order to create the designs. The designs can be simple or they can be intricate works of art that take a lot of time to create. If you have ever considered getting a henna tattoo or designing your own you will find inspiration here ... 15 fantastic henna tattoo ideas.


^ Accent your Henna tattoo with stick on rhinestones or jewels for an extra special effect.rhinesj The Crafts Outlet 1440-Piece Round Rhinestones

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Glitter body paint adds some extra sparkle to your henna tattoo. book k

^  Teach Yourself Henna Tattoo: Making Mehndi Art with Easy-to-Follow Instructions, Patterns, and Projects

If you would like to learn how to apply henna tattoos this is a great book with step by step instructions. Many of these designs take hours for artists to perfect. So don't be dissappointed if yours don't turn out as planned right away.


Accessorising with bangles is a beautiful way to accent your henna hand tattoo.bangles kkIndian Bridal Collection! Panache' Indian Maroon Bangles Set in Gold Tone  15 Fantastic Henna Tattoo Ideasvia

Henna tattoos have become popular all over the world and henna paste is easy to obtain. There are also many books, stencils and other useful accessories available.

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