11 Simple Yet Genius Life Hacks

11 Simple Yet Genius Life Hacks

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A simple idea can be powerful enough to turn your life less complicated, and there is not just one but many simple life hacks that you may not know about, which are super-handy and extremely useful.

These tricks can save you from the various troubles you encounter on a regular basis and make you think how could you never think of them yourself. Let's make your life easier!

1. Finding the end of the tape11 Simple Yet Genius Life Hacks

Source: SKIL Power Tools/YouTube

Whether you are doing an interesting DIY project or putting together a broken plastic tool that can still work, a tape helps you fix what you can but finding the end of a tape roll is often frustrating and slows you down. You can easily avoid this problem by keeping a paper clip attached to the end of your tape roll.  

2. Toothpaste squeeze Trick11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: How To/YouTube

Squeezing your toothpaste tube for the last remaining ooze is a very common practice but it is also among the least discussed issues in our society. Fortunately, there exists a smart way to do this, roll the tube until all the paste reaches its top section and place a binder clip, this way you can avoid the trouble of rolling and squeezing the paste every time before you brush. 

3.  Fold clothes vertically11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv/YouTube

No matter how organized you try to keep your clothes, they always end up all messed up. Therefore this simple trick is here for you. Always fold your shirts in a vertical fashion; this would not only save space in your drawer but also keep your clothes well-organized. 

You can also try this cool folder board to easily fold your shirts.

4. Tire sandpit11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: mycar Tyre & Auto/YouTube

With an old tractor tire, you can create a cool sandpit for your kids. This DIY sandpit is durable, cost-effective, and serves as a unique playing space for your kids and their friends.

However, if you prefer to buy a cedar wood sandbox, then here is one for you.

5. Keep your plants watered while you're away11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: Shaunda Flips/YouTube

If you are worried about watering your plants when you are away, all you need is some thick cotton thread pieces and a big water bowl. Place one end of the thread in the water bowl kept at a height from the ground and then tuck the other end of the thread into your pot.

This hack is also useful for folks who wish to keep refreshing plants in their homes but couldn't do so because of their busy schedule. You can buy good-quality cotton thread here.

 6.  Clean stained faucets 

If your car's door often gets slammed against your garage wall and you are looking for a permanent solution to this problem, then pool noodles can help you out. Just fix one or two pool noodles to your garage's wall and your car won't be getting any scratches anymore. 

Buy a set of colorful pool noodles here

7. Wine Rack Towel Holder11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: SODUKU/Amazon

A wine rack that is no longer in use can be perfect for keeping your towels organized. This useful accessory is easy to install and you can either mount it on the wall or hang it on your bathroom door using screws.

If you don't have a wine rack and you are looking to buy one, then here is a nice lightweight tower shelf for you. 

8. Simple Keyboard Stand Fix11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: eHow/YouTube

In case your keyboard feet are broken and you are considering replacing your keyboard with a new one, then hold your thoughts and try this simple hack that involves binder clips. You just need to attach two binder clips to your keyboard and it is good as new. 

9. Color code your locks and keys with nail polish

11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: How To/YouTube

Most of your house keys look similar and you might be often annoyed when you have to try all your keys to open a single lock. Here is a simple life hack that'll end all your confusion. With nail paint, you can simply assign different colors to similar-looking keys that unlock different locks. 

10. Clean your blender quick11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: Clean My Space/YouTube

It is tricky to scrub the inside of a blender; even if you are able to remove the blades there is always the risk of getting a cut on your hands. An effective way to clean your blender is by blending water and dish soap inside it for 45 seconds, and you are saved from all the unwanted trouble.

11. Save your charger cable11 Simple Yet Genius Life HacksSource: MegaSafetyFirst/YouTube

Original charger cables are expensive and they often get damaged or worn out after a short period of time. So if you are looking for a smart way to avoid this problem, just use the spring from an old pen to cover your charger cable and make it last longer. 

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