14 Simple Yet Genius Life Hacks

Life can be complicated at the best of times so saving some extra time whever you can works out to be more useful than you might think.  Here are 14 simple yet genius life hacks to save time, money and maybe your sanity!

Simple ideas are often the best ideas and some of these are so handy that you will be surprised that you never thought of them yourself! Everything from making a sandwich to building a sandpit is covered in this cool collection of tips.

1. Find the end of the tape


end of tape roll

2.  Cleaning Cast Iron


3.  Fold Clothes Vertically

folding hack

4. Tyre Sandpit

14 Simple Yet Genius Life Hacks

5. Toothpaste Squeeze Trick

toothpaste squeeze

6.  Clean Stained Faucets etc

water stains

7. Wine Rack Towel Holder

wine rack towel holder

8. Simple Keyboard Stand Fix

fix keyboard stand

9. Make Your Shoes Smell Better

shoe odor

10.  Hang Pictures Perfectly

hanging picture trick

11. Make the perfect Sandwich!

perfect sandwich

12. Amplify Your Sound


13. Student Hack

student hack

14. Keep Sheets In Place


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