14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day


It is that time of the year again! Most of the world, especially lovers, get into the excitement of Valentine's Day. Rooting back to old Roman festivals where the people celebrated the coming of spring and fertility, Valentine's Day is a cross-cultural phenomenon.

There are numerous legends and resources explaining the roots of St. Valentine's Day but, the important thing is to have somebody special to share your life-long moments with. We gathered you a list that every kind of love can find something relatable to their own relationship.


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Long Distance:

Long-distance relationships may be the hardest kind to maintain but indeed, love knows no boundaries.

You can use these gift options to feel closer to each other!  

1. Long Distance Lamps14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Friendship Lamps/Amazon

Staying connected with your loved one is crucial especially in long-distance relationships.

Luckily, these lamps can help you with that! Simply connect the lamp to your home Wi-Fi and once it is done link the lamp to your unique group ID.

You can set your favorite color let your other half know that you are thinking about them!

2. Capsule Letters

14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: INFMETRY/Amazon

These pills may help cure your lover's broken heart caused by the distance between you.

Containing 90 capsule letters, this glass favor bottle is one of the best options for you to convey your message to your lover's heart!

Phrases such as " I miss you." or "You mean the world to me." become much more meaningful within such mediums compared to texting. 

3. Countdown Calendar14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Seven Days Home/Amazon

It may be true that a long-distance relationship comes with its own problems but, the feeling when you see your partner after a long time of waiting is priceless.

If you are counting up the days for that time, you can do it in a fun and stylish way with this countdown calendar!

You can also use it for different countdowns as well, especially if you are not very good at remembering special days

Heavy Romantics:

Every lover feels innocent feelings towards their other halves but, some of them really like showing them and ascribe meaning to events and moments shared by you as a couple. If you think you are one of those heavy romantics, the options below are for your taste! 

1. QR Code Art

14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Colorelish/Amazon

Here is a great gift option that is special for just both of you. Every romantic couple has a song that takes up a great place in their heart.

This Valentine's day, you can give that song as a living memory to your spouse.

Printed on high-quality cotton paper, the QR code will allow you to access your favorite song or your custom voice record. 

2. Star Constellation Map14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: West Clay Company/Amazon

As a romantic couple, it is highly probable that you have a special place where you first kissed or said "I love you" to each other for the first time.

Would you like to know how the sky above you was like that day? Thanks to professional astronomy software, you can get your own star map and learn how the night sky was looking from your special place on your special date. 

3. Handmade Photo Albums14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Firbon/Amazon

It is no surprise that romantic lovers have the most colorful memories and photos of these memories.

You may have photo albums but, where is the romance in there, if there is not a touch of yourselves?

With this album, you can express your feelings, thoughts, and add special designs to your photo collection. Sometimes the best way to show love is to put some effort into it.


Congratulations! We bet you feel like you can take on the whole world now. Finding the right person is hard and not everyone gets to do so.

If you also think you need the right present for Mr./Mrs., this section is just for you!

1. Scratch off Map14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: TRIPA TRIPS/Amazon

Maybe one of the reasons you fell in love with each other was that you share the same passion for traveling and, there is a high chance that your honeymoon increased your appetite for more!

Now that you are a family, you can transform your world trip dream into a family goal and this scratch off world map can help you in this journey. It also provides an interactive family event where you can remember memories and plan adventures. Just scratch off that specific city, or country you two together have been to and make that memory last forever. 

2. Truth or Dare for Couples14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Chronicle Books/Amazon

Here is a great game you can play with your partner on your honeymoon or at home.

Pillow talk is an awesome way to spend the night with your lover but you can take things up a notch when you have this truth or dare game.

This tiny tin is filled with 50 naughty truths and 50 risqué dares for you to have some fun. 

Modest Minimalist Lovers:

Some of us are not a fan of this concept but the opportunity to make someone happy gets ahead of all the other reasons.

You can use this time to put a smile on your partner's face by giving them a simple but effective gift. 

1. Natural Pink Clay Soap14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Herbivore/Amazon

Containing the finest all-natural ingredients that are plant-based, organic, and food-grade; this gentle clay is great for drawing out impurities, cleansing without stripping, or drying out your skin.

Each ingredient is purposefully added for a therapeutic reason and none of the brand's products is tested on animals.  

2. Reusable Storage Bag14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Stasher/Amazon

These food bags can be a thoughtful gift for your spouse who takes their own food to the office or to the outside.

These non-plastic backs do not contain BPA, PVC, or latex.

These bags make an awesome gift because apart from being useful and healthy, they are also environmentally friendly.

3. Swiss Chocolate Gift Set14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Toblerone/Amazon

Putting a smile on your lover's face is not that hard. You do not need glamourous and luxurious gifts to do that if you have the right person for you.

Some chocolate and some kind words will surely do the trick. This variety pack of famous Swiss chocolate is a great treat to have on Valentine's Day. After all, who doesn't like chocolate?

Long Term Relationship

Time to bring out the big guns. You may have spent quite a number of Valentine's days along with anniversaries and celebrations, therefore these events may not come as exciting as it used to do.

However, these times are great opportunities to make new memories and indulging yourself in new and exciting experiences. 

1. Hands Casting Kit14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Luna Bean/Amazon

You can have an unforgettable memory of you holding hands that last forever with this casting kit. You do not have to limit yourself to holding hands though.

You can work your imagination and craftsmanship by coloring this treasured gift as well. Also, thanks to its larger measurements compared to other casting kits on the market, you can easily add the hand of the newest member of your family!   

2. Conversation Cards Game14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: OUR MOMENTS/Amazon

One of the secrets of a lasting relationship is perhaps making time for each other and listening to each other.

This game is an excellent way to remind you why you got together in the first place.

Get ready to interact with your partner and get the sparks between you two because this game offers you a healthy mental and, physical relationship. 

3. Bucket List Scratch Poster14 Gift Options for All Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Source: Gift Republic/Amazon

One of the shortcomings of a long-lasting relationship is the feeling of having done everything there is to do.

However, we all know that is not true. You can light your mood up every Friday with a new event with 100 dates bucket list and add extra ones as you go along.

Tastefully designed images can provide good motivation and its unique modern design will accent any room.

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