14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs

14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs


This is a guide to essential kitchen tools that are perfect for anyone who is setting up a kitchen for the first time. Preparing food is much easier when you have all of the equipment that you need.

When shopping for your kitchen supplies it's important to start with the basics. There are certain items that every kitchen needs. 

1.  KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

A mixer is an essential kitchen tool that every kitchen needs. It is worth it to invest in a high-quality one so that it will last for a long period of time. This one is from a trusted brand and it has lots of great features. 

There is a very large range of color options to suit absolutely any kitchen. It can be used to stir, whip, knead, mix and more. Additional attachments are included.

Best Features:

  • 10-speed slide control
  • unique mixing action
  • very large range of color choices
  • optional attachments can be purchased but all of the basics are included in the price
  • stainless steel bowl with handle is included
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/KitchenAid

Available at - Amazon/KitchenAid

2. Space Saving Dish Rack For Small Kitchens

If you don't have as much bench space as you would like then this handy drying rack can help you out. It allows you to let your dishes air dry without taking up an extra bench or sink-side space. 

The rack sits over the sink instead of beside the sink like a standard kitchen rack. There is plenty of space for your dishes, detergents, and sponges.

Best Features:

  • space-saving design
  • available in two different sizes
  • has space for holding detergents and sponges
  • a fruit and vegetable basket is built-in
  • spaces for cutlery, a cutting board and plates are included as well
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/PUSDON

Available at - Amazon/PUSDON

3. Matching Adult and Child Apron Cooking Set

This adorable cooking set is perfect for any parent who likes to cook with their child. It features cute matching aprons with a bear design. There is one child-sized set and one adult-sized set.

In there set there are two aprons, two cool chefs hats, an oven mitt, and a potholder. This is a wonderful gift idea or a cool treat for you and your child. 

Best Features:

  • great gift idea for any parent and child who cook together
  • aprons and chef hats included
  • one set is adult-sized and one set is child-sized
  • matching pot holder and oven mitt also in the set
  • easy to clean
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/Cre8tive Pick

Available at - Amazon/Cre8tive Pick

4. Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

This digital thermometer is easy to use. Even someone who is not familiar with using a cooking thermometer can use it. Many recipes rely on getting the temperature just right. 

Simply insert the thermometer into your food and read the temperature. Us the thermometer when cooking things like turkey, chicken, candy or jam.

Best Features:

  • super long probe for testing core temperatures
  • inexpensive
  • auto shut off function to save power
  • battery is included
  • great temperature range
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/Habor

Available at - Amazon/Habor

5. Basic 8-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set

This is the perfect cookware set for someone who is setting up a new kitchen. It is inexpensive and it features 5 pans in common sizes. Perfect for cooking almost anything.

There are pans for frying or boiling and three lids are included. No matter what you are cooking you will have the pans you need.

Best Features:

  • five non-stick pans included
  • includes saucepans, fry pans, and a casserole pan
  • non-stick coating on all pans
  • easy to clean
  • vented glass lids
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/AmazonBasics

Available at - Amazon/AmazonBasics

6. Vegetable Chopper With Spiralizer And Four Blades

Chop your vegetables quickly and easily with this convenient vegetable chopper. There are four blades included allowing you to serve your vegetables any way that you choose.

The built-in lid lets you chop your vegetables directly into the container below. 

Best Features:

  • 4 interchangeable blades
  • mess-free
  • 1.2l collection tray is included
  • dishwasher safe
  • easy to use
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/Fullstar

Available at - Amazon/Fullstar

7. Silicone Utensil Set With Holder

Silicone utensils are great for cooking with and they do not scratch your pans. This 12 piece set contains everything that you will need in order to cook and serve food.

The wooden handles feature an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable and convenient to use. These wooden handles are durable and they are also naturally antibacterial.

Best Features:

  • 12 pieces
  • ergonomically designed wooden handles
  • the holder is included
  • they will not scratch your cookware
  • non-stick and stain resistant
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/alitade

Available at - Amazon/alitade

8. Clip-On Silicone Colander

This clip-on strainer makes it easy to drain your pasta or vegetables. There's no need to hold it in place or tip everything into it.

To use it just clip it on and pour off the excess fluid. 

Best Features:

  • clips on to your pan
  • saves storage space
  • durable and food safe
  • easy to clean
  • designed to fit nearly any pot
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/Kitchen Gizmo

Available at - Amazon/Kitchen Gizmo

9. Watermelon Cube Slicer With Free Melon Baller

Watermelon is delicious and this slicer makes it easy to serve as well as easy to eat. It is designed to cube melon into bite-sized cubes that are easy to eat.

A melon baller is included for free. Melon ballers are great if you like to present food in a way that is interesting.

Best Features:

  • free melon baller
  • helps you cut perfect 2cm squares of melon
  • easy to use
  • safe with kid-friendly edges
  • easy to clean
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/YUESHICO

Available at - Amazon/YUESHICO

10. Silverware Drawer Tray Available In Three Sizes

A drawer organizer for your cutlery is definitely a must-have item. Some drawers come with built-in dividers but most do not. An organizer makes it much easier for you to store and locate your eating utensils.

Not all drawers are the same size, so you may find it difficult to find an organizer that is right for your kitchen. This one is handy because you can choose from three different sizes and four different colors.

Best Features:

  • available in three different sizes
  • four different color choices offered
  • easy to clean and use
  • features six compartments
  • non-slip rubber feet make sure it stays in the right place
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/madesmart

Available at - Amazon/madesmart

11. Retro Look Bread Box With Butter Dish

Bread storage is needed in every kitchen because most people use bread daily. When bread is not stored properly it spoils faster. This bread box comes with a free butter dish.

You will love this bread box if you like things that have a retro style. This bread box keeps bread fresh for longer by allowing air circulation. A handy storage solution for bread and pastries.

Best Features:

  • has a cool retro look
  • comes with a free butter dish
  • keeps bread and pastries fresh for longer
  • durable
  • other colors available
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/All-Green Products

Available at - Amazon/All-Green Products

12. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

This organic bamboo cutting board is BPA free and made from 100% natural bamboo. It is available in two different sizes to suit your kitchen needs.

It is perfect for chopping, cutting and carving. You can also use it as a cheese board or a serving board. There are built-in compartments so you can separate your ingredients and there is a juice groove. A juice groove is handy because it traps juice so that it does not leak onto your kitchen bench.

Best Features:

  • made from 100% organic bamboo
  • compartments
  • two size options
  • will not damage knives or utensils
  • multiple uses
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/HHXRISE

Available at - Amazon/HHXRISE

13. Digital Kitchen Scale

Measuring ingredients correctly is very important if you want your recipes to work out well. A set of kitchen scales is a must-have item for weighing ingredients. 

This is an inexpensive item that will be very useful in the kitchen.

Best Features:

  • high accuracy
  • measures in all common units
  • stainless steel top
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • powered by 2 standard AAA batteries which are included
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/Etekcity

Available at - Amazon/Etekcity

14. Stainless Steel Sponge Rack

It's important that your sponge is able to air dry between uses. Sponges can be a breeding place for dangerous bacteria that can make you and your family sick. This sponge rack is a great place to keep your sponges.

Simply place clean sponges and dishcloths in the rack and allow them to dry. This is not just a good way to keep your sponges' germ-free, it's also a handy storage solution.

Best Features:

  • easy to hang
  • lots of room to store sponges and dishcloths
  • allow sponges and cloths to air dry
  • can also hold dish brushes and other cleaning items
  • useful storage solution
14 Essential Kitchen Tools That Every Beginner Needs
Source: Amazon/Aiduy

Available at - Amazon/Aiduy

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