13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home

13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home

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Interior decoration means more than just trendy colors, objects, and furniture. Enjoying the time you spend in your living space, feeling good, starting the day energetically, and good night sleep are largely related to the design of the place you live.

Recently, the tendency to use Far East teachings in home decoration has been increasing. In particular, Feng Shui is one of the most frequently preferred teachings. Feng Shui is a Chinese practice based on the idea of creating harmony in nature and living spaces. There are several product suggestions for those who want to decorate their house according to Feng Shui basics. 

For The Doorway:

According to Feng Shui, it is important to keep doorway bright and fresh. The entrance of your home should be peaceful so you can feel relaxed when you come home. Here are some products to make your doorway calm:

1. C-Hopetree Console Entryway Hallway Table

When we get home, the first thing we do is leave our things somewhere, so a console table is very important to us. According to Feng Shui basics, we want a small space but also big enough to hold decorative items, so this console table is the best for you.

Best Features:

  • easy to assemble 
  • space-saving
  • strong and stable
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: C-Hopetree/Amazon

2. Large Round Wall Mirror

With this large surface mirror, you can create an illusion to make the entrance brighter. It is important to have a mirror in the doorway because according to Feng Shui tips, mirrors are the best products to reflect the positive energy throughout your house. 

Best Features:

  • easy to hang
  • many applications
  • simple elegance
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: Berghart/Amazon

3. Live Lucky Bamboo 20 Stalks

Living plants especially bamboos protect your home from negative energy and they bring good luck to a home. They also make you happy and reduce stress. You can easily get these living bamboos from Amazon.

Best Features:

  • easy to grow
  • hard to kill
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: NW Wholesaler/Amazon

For The Living Room:

Living rooms are very important because they are places where we spend our free time. As Feng Shui claims, when choosing products for our living room, the aim is to provide that the energy of life reach our room. There are very useful products to keep your living room fresh.

4. Tadpoles 3-Bulb Vintage Plug-In or Hardwired Mini-Chandelier

You can use a crystal chandelier because the crystal distributes light and energy and is also believed to have the power to trap bad energy (if it suits your taste). This chandelier is perfect for your living room, hallway, or dining room. 

13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: Tadpoles/Amazon

5. PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket for Couch Sofa

Who doesn't want to feel like a peaceful cat sitting in the living room? In order to keep the energy flow smooth, smooth colors and soft blanket should be used. Instead of electric blankets, such soft blankets keep negative energy away from you. 

Best features:

  • class, comfort, and warmth in one blanket
  • color to your home 
  • easy to care
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: PAVILIA/Amazon

6. HOME BRILLIANT Pillowcase Covers for Sofa

Soft pillowcases are as important as blankets to make our living room peaceful. Thanks to Home Brilliant pillowcases, you can choose your favorite color and design your sofa according to Feng Shui home design. 

Best features:

  • easy to change
  • machine wash
  • package includes 4 pcs covers
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home


7. VATIMA Presence Scented Candle

The candle helps to relax mentally thanks to the smell it emits. Also, you can activate the fire element thanks to candles, and fire element is very important for the Feng Shui decoration tips. These VATIMA candles are completely organic and non-toxic. 

Best features:

  • longer burning time
  • no paraffin
  • hand-poured
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: VATIMA/Amazon

8. JINPUS Air Purifier for Home

Having fresh air at home is the first rule of Feng Shui because fresh air should be flowing throughout the home and clean every part of it. JINPUS air purifier can help you to circulate fresh air and will clear your breath. 

Best features:

  • compact but powerful
  • quick and easy operation
  • replacement filter available
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: JINPUS/Amazon

For The Bedroom:

Having soft and comfortable beds in the bedroom helps to ensure more energy flow. Also the harmony of textures and colors should not be ignored; products should be choosen accordingly. 

9. NICETOWN Microfiber Noise Reducing Blackout Window Curtains

Thin curtains and tulle may interrupt sleep. You can select blackout curtains to sleep well. NICETOWN curtains also balance room temperature. 

Best features:

  • energy smart
  • machine washable
  • noise reducing
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: NICETOWN/Amazon

10. Inofia Full Mattress

It is important to have soft items in the bedroom as well as in the living room. Good sleep brings good energy. This mattress helps release moisture and regulate sleeping climate. 

Best features:

  • stronger edge support
  • balanced sleep experience
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: Inofia/Amazon

11. Pack Cotton Solid Decorative Throw Pillow Case

Keeping red objects in the bedroom is one of the basic rules of Feng Shui. According to Far East culture, red is also the color of luck. These pillowcases will color your bedroom while improving your energy. 

Best features: 

  • soft and comfortable
  • machine washable
  • suitable for every room of your home
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: Thmyo/Amazon

For The Kitchen:

Kitchen is one of the rooms where we spend most of our time. The kitchen should be bright, unlike the bedroom. Materials used in kitchen are also very important for energy flow. These are the products to surround your kitchen with positive vibes.

12. Royal 20-Piece Silverware Set

Using steel accessories instead of wood keeps positive energy alive. This silverware set is also suitable for your family dinners. 

Best features:

  • dishwasher safe
  • perfect for gift giving
  • modern style
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: ROYAL/Amazon


13. XWTEX White Kitchen Tier Curtains

Light up your kitchen. For the Feng Shui tips, the brighter the better. You should take a look at these XWTEX kitchen curtains to keep your kitchen bright and chic. Their white color will give you happiness. They also have a unique style. 

Best features:

  • good design
  • match with other curtains
  • machine washable
13 Feng Shui Tips for Designing Your Home
Source: XWTEX/Amazon

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