13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms


Books have always been one of the best ways to escape reality, so take your close book-lover friend's word for it. Crawling into one and letting your imagination run wild is an amazing experience. Thanks to this year’s events, we have spent most of our time at our houses and clearly, most of us have used books as a gateway to ignore all this chaos for at least a bit of time. 

So why not share the joy of reading and appreciate this lifelong habit we acquired through our friends and family by gifting things inspired by books to them? If you feel the same way and believe in the magic of reading be sure to check our new list!


Scroll down for amazing gift options for bookworms!

1. Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow Case - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: 4TH Emotion/Amazon

Here is an excellent gift option for your book lover friend who can not move on without finishing the chapter all the time. This cotton pillowcase can be washed in the machine and with its hidden slide fastener, it is a sleek looking decor. If you are looking for a gift appreciating their book-loving personality, this case is closed.   

2. Library Card Market Tote Bag - Buy Now

13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Out of Print/Amazon

This stylish bag is designed to spread the joy of reading. With plenty of space and a convenient inner pocket, you can use the tote bag for school, the office, shopping, and even more. This high-quality tote bag is crafted from 100% cotton and with each purchase, you help fund literacy programs and book donations around the world!

3. Fuck Off, I'm Reading Crew Socks - Buy Now

13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Blue Q/Amazon

Sometimes people just do not understand how exciting the chapter is and they keep barging in the room, ask irrelevant questions or keep you distracted. Well, with these socks on you, surely they will get the message.

These socks, woven from soft, luxurious combed cotton, are here to keep your feet warm and give some space to the bookworm.  

4. TILISMA Book Page Holder - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: TILISMA/Amazon

This handmade walnut bookmark is here to make the reading experience much easier and comfortable. Slide it on your thumb and get your favorite book, you will be able to hold the pages wide open with just one hand. Also, its ergonomic design will keep your hand comfortable and cramp-free. This bookmark is an excellent gift option for teachers, bookworms, or anyone who likes reading and practical tools.

5. Book-Themed Zipper Pouch - Buy Now

13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Out of Print/Amazon

With their 100% cotton fabric and a variety of designs, these zipper pouches are here to steal book lovers’ hearts. These cute and handy pouches are great for card or change storage. Also, with every purchase, you are helping in funding literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.

6. LED Neck Reading Light - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Glocusnt/Amazon

Reading before sleeping is a habit that is very useful and calming. Getting out of the bed to turn off the light after reading or adjusting your position according to the reading lamp can affect your reading quality.

This neck reading light will solve those problems for sure! With its adjustable 3 useful color modes, you can find the right setting for your reading session. Plus, this light is also a great option for those who love knitting or crafting. 

7. Primitives Box Sign - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Primitives/Amazon

Here is another sign that will let others know reading is your passionate habit in the household. This rustic black and white sign, made with high quality wooden and distressed paint, is a great gift option for any book lover who likes privacy when reading.

8. First Lines Literature Coffee Mug - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon

Crawling into a book with a cup of coffee is addictively soothing and this coffee mug, featuring 24 opening lines of some of the greatest works of literature, will remind the holder how they became an addict to this soothing event.

With its sleek design and theme, this dishwasher and microwave safe mug will bring joy to reading sessions!

9. Agirlgle Decorative Book Ends - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Agirlgle/Amazon

These bookends will not only highlight your books but also serve as a beautiful decor for your house. Made up of two readers in different poses, the bookends will keep your books organized while giving a message. It can also be used for holding up magazines, DVDs, games, catalogs, and more. These bookends are definitely an amazing gift for family or friends!

10. Marbrasse Wooden Desk Organizer - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Marbrasse/Amazon

This eye-catching stationery needs to be assembled by yourself. A great gift option for DIY lovers. The installation according to the instruction or video is very simple and can be done in under 20 minutes. Made of environmental-friendly wood board materials, this desk with its sturdy construct and appropriate size can help you stay organized on any desktop.

11. Handmade Enamel Lapel Pin - Buy Now

13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Flairs New York/Amazon

Flair’s pin brooch badge is essential for book lovers! You can wear it casually or to an important event. It is a great ice-breaking conversation starter. Wear it and add an element of style and color to your outfit while delivering a message. It is a great gift for those who can not talk about anything but books!

12. Original Personal Library Kit - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source: Knock Knock/Amazon

We all have that one friend who loves sharing beloved books and maybe, you are exactly that friend. We can relate the joy of giving books and we can also relate the grief when we lose them for good.

However, thanks to the Personal Library Kit, you can revive old-fashioned library circulation techniques for fun and keep track of the books you love without losing. This sleek-looking kit is the perfect gift for generous bibliophiles!

13. The Book Lover's Journal - Buy Now13 Creative Gift Options for Bookworms

Source:  Rane J. Smith/Amazon

It is both frustrating and inevitable to forget the details of the books you have read, especially if you are a keen reader. No need to worry though, with the Book Lover’s Journal, you can record the books you have read! This stylish journal provides plenty of room to record your reading experiences, favorite quotes, and thoughts on the characters.

Not only that, but it also provides space to lists like books borrowed, lent, or to be read. With its portable size and elastic band closure, you can take it anywhere and record your thoughts about the books you love! 

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