13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas

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Minimalist decor ideas that are modern and cool are sought after when it comes to modern interior decorating. Minimalism is a design movement that first began during the 1950s. It began as a creative style used by painters and sculptors. As it progressed it became popular in many areas of design such as interior design. Now it is not just a design style because the basic idea of minimalism has been embraced by many as a lifestyle choice.

Minimalists live based on the premise that life is happier when you minimize your possessions. It is about removing focus from material things and possessions. Not everyone who uses and appreciates minimalism lives a minimalist lifestyle. Many people choose this style for home decor because it is clean, fresh and easy to maintain. Decorating your home in a minimalist style can also help reduce stress. This is because science has proven that clutter is a great contributor to stress. Clutter also affects your level of concentration.

You can begin decorating your home by first deciding on the basic items you need. Implement the minimalist philosophy of one in/one out when replacing items. If you buy a new table then dispose of the old one because this will ensure that clutter does not build up over time.

1. Mecor Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

Simplicity is the most important inspiration for minimalist decoration. It is necessary that the bed, where you spend all your night and want to have a comfortable sleep, is simple and clear. Then this bed will help you to make your bedroom chic and vivid. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
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2. Soft Bedroom Rugs

A soft and grey carpet ideal for a minimalist bedroom. The softness of the rug will prevent the room from appearing tangled and give the bedroom a more simple and cozy look. You can use this rug not only in the bedroom but also in the living room. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: AND BEYOND INC/Amazon

3. EXQ Home Fleece Blanket

A single shade of color is another important detail to keep in mind for minimalist interior design. Then, when we talk about the bedroom, we should also talk about a soft and grey blanket that you can use in your bedroom and match your rug. It is easy to wash, so you don't need to use detergent and softener. You should just put it to cold water.

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: EXQ Home/Source

4. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

Curtains are the things that change the whole spirit of the living room and bedroom and affect the interior design. Aesthetically beautiful but at the same time minimalist designed curtains instantly change the energy of the house. This curtain blocks out the harmful UV rays, reduces outside noise, and ensures total privacy. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
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5. Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Desk

If you are bored of messy and complicated desks, this minimalist design will make you happy. If you work on your computer, you can use this desk for your home office job. It looks simple but if you don't like simplicity that much, you can change its look with a nice chair. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: Ameriwood Home/Amazon

6. California Home Goods Modern Hanging Planter Pots

Plants provide an elegant touch to any room you want. If you don't have enough space for large flower pots in your home, you can choose these small flower pots. They look stylish and modern with their geometric designs. If you want to make your room look simple but nice with little touches, you can put cactuses in these flower pots

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: California Home Goods/Amazon

7. Modern Blue and Silver Abstract Print Wall Art

Another thing that can change the aura of your house is the paintings you hang on the wall. The paintings that give the house a more sophisticated look are also important details that give the room vitality for a minimalist design. The blue and grey tones in this painting will create a harmony with the decoration of your halls and create a modern look.

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: Stone & Beam/Amazon

8. Olee Sleep 46" Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table

Wooden objects in minimalist decoration create good vibes in the living room. Also, they look good with white furniture. If you want to change your room and make it simple, you should definitely consider this coffee table. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: Olee Sleep/Amazon

9. Ootori Mid-Century Retro Accent Chair

A combination of white and wood is always going better. You can capture a sophisticated look and bring the beach house breezes to your home in the city. It's also made of skin-friendly leather.  

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: OOTORI/Amazon


10. RUIHAI Silence is Golden - Handcrafted Silent Men Statues

An original statue helps you make your house look modern. According to minimalist ideas, it is best to have few items in your house, so make sure that the items you choose are small but nice so that the house doesn't look empty. Then, you can choose this Silent Man statue to make your living room simple and modern. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: RUIHAI/Amazon

11. Industrial Metal Pendant Light

Here's a pendant lamp idea to make your living room more pure with simpler lines. Choosing the right light changes the look of your room, and make it modern and minimalist. You can hang it above your dining table. Your guests will like this little cute man designed pendant light. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: GoECO/Amazon

12. Industrial Pendant Light Fixture

You can create a minimalist design in the kitchen as in any room in the house. If the furniture you'll use in the kitchen is white or wood, these pendant lights will help create a contemporary look in the kitchen. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: XIDING/Amazon

13. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

This sofa's shape will make your living room's ambiance more elegant. Also, its color will fit with almost every object in your living room. Grey is one of the most preferred colors for the minimalist interior design, so you can get this sofa and make your living room simple and cool. 

13 Cool Minimalist Decor Ideas
Source: Honbay/Amazon

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