13 Awesome Products That Will Improve Your Life

13 Awesome Products That Will Improve Your Life


This list of awesome products that will change your life is sure to surprise you.

New technology is emerging all of the time and it changes the way that we do things.

Products such as smartphones have changed the way that we do many tasks.

Life before smartphones was a whole different ball game. The products below are new and could possibly change the lives of many people.

MIT Technology Based At Home Eye Test $100

This at home vision tester eliminates the need for an optometrist in some cases. It gives accurate results allowing users to test their vision and order glasses without leaving home. 

amazing products image tester
Source: Indiegogo/EyeQue

Available at - Indiegogo

90 Day Goal System Notebook $33.27

If you are a goal oriented person you will love this innovative notebook. It is designed to help you plan your time efficiently and achieve your goals.

The simplified planner helps you to identify your priorities. There are also inspirational quotes and tips to inspire you. 

amazing products welldonestuff
Source: 90X

Available at - 90X

Convenient Wearable Safety Device $89.99

Safety is of the utmost importance and the wearable Silent Beacon can help. It can dial 911 at the touch of a button and it can also send out an alert to loved ones. 

Amazing products safety device
Source: SilentBeacon

Available at - SilentBeacon

Self Adjusting Heated Clothing $198.99

You will never be cold again if you are wearing Live Warm self-adjusting clothing. The clothing is chargeable and you can operate it using a connected smart device. You can use it with any smartwatch, smartphone or tablet. 

amazing products smart clothing
Source: LiveWarm

Available at: LiveWarm

Portable Espresso Machine $79.90

Make premium coffee on the go with this amazing little machine. Surprisingly, this portable machine is more powerful than many at home espresso machines. 

amazing product cool espresso machine
Source: Amazon/WACACO

Available at - Amazon

Smartphone Charging Case $49

This smartphone charging case is the world's first phone case that charges your phone. It provides protection for your phone and doubles your phones battery life.

This case is sure to revolutionize portable smartphone charging methods because it eliminates the need for bulky charging banks. 

amazing products smartphone case
Source: Indiegogo/LesFlux

Available at - Indiegogo

Smart Health System $125

If you care about your health then you will find this to be a very useful gadget. This smart health system is great because it allows you to schedule and to track your habits.

You can use it to set reminders so that you can remember when to take your medication and much more. 

Amazing products health tracker
Source: Kickstarter/Kintell

Available at - Kickstarter

Suction Cup Roof Racks $59

This suction cup rood rack system is designed to fit any vehicle. The powerful suction cups hold the racks in place so that you can secure your load. 

amazing products roof racks
Source: Indiegogo/Easy Strap

Available at - Indiegogo

Stick Tab Tablet Holder $19

Using your tablet is much more convenient when you use this tablet holder. It holds your tablet in place securely and the angle is adjustable.

The sticky surface leaves no residue and is strong enough to hold your tablet firmly. This stand is designed to work with any brand of tablet. 

awesome products tablet holder
Source: Indiegogo/Claude Cloutier

Available at - Indiegogo

Instant Water Purifier $49

The Neat Jug UV Water Purifier purifies water in only 90 seconds. This is a great product for camping or hiking. When you carry it with you, you do not need to carry clean water.

As long as there is a water source nearby you will have all the clean water that you need. 

awesome products water purifier
Source: Neat Jug

Available at - Neat Jug

Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter $62.99

Do you love french fries? If you cook a lot of french fries at home then you will love this awesome cutter. It is durable because it is made from cast iron. You can use it to cut french fries made from potato or other vegetables. 

awesome products french fry cutter
Source: Amazon/Weston

Available at- Amazon

Hygiene Friendly Cat Litter Box $79

Maintaining a litter box for a cat can be time-consuming and very messy. This awesome litter box takes the hassle out of cleaning your cats' litter box.

Cleanup can be done in less than one minute because the VolCat litter box traps all the litter into one bag. This easy to use litter box is sure to make life easier for pet owners. 

awesome cat litter box
Source: Kickstarter

Available at - Kickstarter

Invisible Wireless Smartphone Charger $59

Wireless chargers are great because they are so easy to use. This cool wireless charger is easy to use but it also saves a lot of space. You can attach it to the underside of a table or a bench.

This is great because it helps you to clear off some space and easily charge your device at any time.

invisible phone charger
Source: Kickstarter/Archon Charging

Available at - Kickstarter

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