13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

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Any cat lover would tell you that cats are the most intriguing animals on the planet. Just like a small kid, they can be lovely, grumpy, lazy, moody, cheeky, tough, and so many other things. It is important to take good care of your cat and fortunately, there are some very interesting accessories and toys in the market that could manage to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Apart from a nutritious diet, toys can also play a significant role in the overall growth of your cat by keeping it busy and active. If you already own a lovable cat or you are planning to adopt one, here are awesome must-haves for you to acquire now!

1. Vertical Cat Scratching Post - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: PetFusion/Amazon

This scratching board serves one of the most basic needs of a cat. You can make your furry friend and yourself happy as it helps prevent your cat from scratching the couch. Made from non-toxic recycled cardboard, this scratching post would be a great exercise area for your cat and help in reducing its stress. 

2. Cat Tower Toy - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: Petstages/Amazon

If you're looking for an interactive toy that could take away all the laziness of your cat, here is a toy you should go for. With its unique circular track and colorful balls, this toy grabs your cat's attention and keeps it entertained. If you have more than one cat, this tower is all you need to keep your lazy pets motivated all the time. 

3. Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: AFP/Amazon

A play and reward toy is great to train your cat and helps its prey-catching instincts engage. Your cat may have the habit of always eating and sleeping, right? If you wish to see your cat living a healthy and fit life, then this toy is the perfect must-have for your cat.

4. Mount Window Bed - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: K&H Pet Products

It's always pleasant to lay in a hammock and watch the trees and there's a high probability that your cat thinks the same. Gift this cool mount window bed to your cat, which also acts as an insulator to hold its body heat while trapping dander and dirt.

5. Outdoor Kitty House - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool CatsSource: K&H PET PRODUCTS/Amazon

If you are an animal lover who often gets worried about cats living in your outdoor during harsh weather conditions, this kitten house can solve your purpose of keeping stray cats in front of your door safe. Certified by MET Labs, this portable cat shelter is both heatproof and waterproof.  

6. 3 Way Pet Tunnel - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: All Prime/Amazon

Cats are very curious about objects around them; here is an essential product for explorer cats. This collapsible tunnel will make your cat happy and eager to explore the different corners of the tunnel while reaching the ball at the end.

The product also comes with an impressive 100% refund or replacement lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

7. Cat Furniture, Sleeper, and Scratcher Set - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: Kitty City/Amazon

If you have more than one cat at your home and you seek a single product that could satisfy all your cats, then this 3-in-1 cat furniture is something you should definitely have.

You can put this product in your garden or home, it will encourage an active lifestyle for your cats and offer them the convenience to sleep, scratch, and play together.

8. Round Cat Bed - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool CatsSource: Pet Craft Supply/Amazon

With soft padded walls and a warm velvet texture, this circular bed will give your cat a relaxed sleeping experience. It is an easy to clean, machine washable product made from pet-friendly fabric. Whether your furry family member is just a kitten or a fully grown adult, this cozy bed is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes.      

9. Airline Approved Pet Carrier - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool CatsSource: Sherpa/Amazon

A must-have product for cat owners who also happen to be frequent travelers. This pet bag from Sherpa is perfect for carrying your cat during your outdoor adventures. Made from high-quality fabric, the carrier is supported by a strong and flexible spring wireframe.

Provided with mesh windows and comfortable sitting space, this is a thoughtful product designed exclusively for your furry travel companion.   

10. Cat Halloween Costumes - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool CatsSource: Mikayoo/Amazon

A funky Halloween costume is all you need to make your cat look like the coolest pet around. Made from comfortable-to-wear polyester fiber, this costume comes in all cat sizes. Your cat is sure to become the center of attention after wearing this wild west themed dress.

11. Water Fountain For Pet Cat - Buy Now

13 Must-Have Items For Cool CatsSource: Beacon Pet/Amazon

When cat hair or dust particles fall into a regular bottle, water easily gets dirty. However, with this food-grade water fountain, you can relax as it refreshes the water with its re-circulating system. If you have more than one cat in the house, they can also drink water from this fountain simultaneously as it has a wider design.

12. Throw for Dogs & Cats - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool CatsSource: furrybaby/Amazon

This soft throw from furrybaby keeps your cat happy and prevents it from scratching your furniture and cushions. Made from eco-friendly thick fleece, the throw gives your cat a warm comfortable space for sitting and sleeping around you.

13. Leather Pet Collar for Cats - Buy Now13 Must-Have Items For Cool Cats

Source: Lanyar/Amazon

Cats generally don't like to wear belts but due to their curious nature, they may get lost or face danger. So to ensure your cat's safety and whereabouts, you can use this leather pet equipped with a cute little bell. The bell sound will keep you aware of your cat's presence and it would also give your pet a fashionable look.

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