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12 Interesting Facts About The Sun

The sun, we all know the basics about our sun, here are 12 Interesting Facts About The Sun. You may have heard some of these before and other you may not be so familiar with.

1. Honey bees use the sun as a reference point when they naviagate or communicate with each other.

honey bees



sun mass

3. The distance between the sun and the Earth is not constant it waries from 147-152 million kms. This is because the Earths orbit around the sun follows an elliptical path.


facts about the sun

5. The sun is an average sized star but despite that 1.3 million earths could fit inside it!

10 interesting facts about the sun



sun energy facts


sun gravity facts


12 Interesting Facts About The Sun


how hot is the sun



11. The sun is the closest thing to an absolutely perfect sphere that has ever been observed in nature.


12 Interesting Facts About The Sun

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