11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans

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Joker, The Clown Prince of Crime, with his unique style, green hair, and crazy laughter, has once again delighted his fans with a new film in 2019.

Who doesn't care about a crazy character full of madness and always smiling at others? He's not just a villain, but a man with ideas that impresses many people. The story of the Joker, from the comic books to the movies, surely makes fans follow him. If you want to keep his story alive, all the Joker products you need are listed here.

1. The Joker: The Bronze Age Omnibus

If you're a Joker fan, then you'll definitely fall for this book. With the release of the latest Joker movie, this book is also released and now it's possible to read Joker's tales from the 1970s. Be ready to read all the things about the best villain in the city from the old-school type of paper. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers/Amazon

2. Batman: Death of the Family Book and Joker Mask Set

Joker is more dangerous than ever before! If you're curious about the mysterious reason for the hate between Joker and Batman, you should read this.

It's one of the must-have books for every Joker obsessed fellow. Also, it comes with a face mask of Joker. From the bestseller books' team Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, you'll surely enjoy what you're reading. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Scott Synder, Greg Capullo/Amazon

3. Joker Graffiti Tshirt

Joker and Batman on the same t-shirt. Have you ever thought of that happening? 

With Joker's laughter graffiti on this t-shirt, you'll remember his "Why so serious" line all the time. Also, it looks like a spray-painted design. You'll also receive Joker stickers with this top, so you can put them onto your laptop or wherever you want.  

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Popfunk/Amazon

4. DC Comics The Joker Hat

Put a smile on that face. 

As every Joker fan knows, he loves to laugh, hard, so DC brought his laughter on to this hat. The graffiti details on the hat add more cool to it. Also, its color represents the Joker's mad identity. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: DC Comics/Amazon

5. Joker Candy Holder and Bowl

An amazing idea for your Halloween decoration. If you want to create some space for your favorite character as a Halloween decor, then you should add this candy holder to your basket. It can also be used as a cardholder or for holding your keys and coins. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Rubie's/Amazon

6. Joker Glasses

Harley Quinn and her lover Joker in one pack. It's the perfect match! There's no way to not like these glasses if you're a fan of Joker and Harley Quinn. Personalize your kitchen items with these amazing glasses. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Zak Designs/Amazon

7. Zak Designs Coffee Mug

Maybe someone should remind you that you shouldn't take it so seriously in the morning. Start the day with your Joker sculpted mug from Zak Designs and start your day insane. It brings your favorite character to life, so this coffee mug offers fun in every sip. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Zak Designs/Amazon

8. Oven Mitt Set

Cooking has never been so much fun! 

You probably never thought you could use Joker's purple leather gloves in the kitchen, but you actually can with this oven mitt set. As the Joker from the Batman Dark Knight movie, you can prepare delicious meals. Also, you are sure to look great in your apron that looks like Joker's suit.

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: SD Toys Merchandising/Amazon

9. The Joker Action Figure

In a culture bound by rules, there is something appealing about a mad clown who cheerfully breaks them.

Now, Joker is in your room with his crazy smile, iconic purple suit, and green hair. This figure that shows the Joker in all his details, will be a great addition piece for collectors and fans. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Mattel/Amazon

10. Wall Decor

Now I’m always smiling!

Joker, the favorite villain in DC history and known for his glorious smile, is with you on the wall of your room. If you want to make your room a little creepier and a little crazier, then you should definitely check out this wall decor. 

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Doppelganger33LTD/Amazon

11. The Joker Deck Building Game

Perfect rivals, Batman and Joker in the same game as they always have been. If you like to play strategy games and want to add some fun to it, this card game is for you. Gather your friends and enjoy it! Let's see the unique abilities of your favorite characters.

11 Wacky Accessories for Joker Fans
Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment/Amazon

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