11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students

11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students


Useful gifts for students are a great choice for many different events. You may want to buy a gift for a student who is celebrating a birthday or another special day. Sometimes gifts are given when students reach milestones or achieve great grades.

Student gifts are also a cool idea when you want to encourage, inspire or reward a loved one who is studying hard. When choosing a useful student gift there are several factors to consider. These include things such as age, personal style, the subjects being studied and the need of the student.

1. 28 Pack Of Multicolor Ballpoint Pens

Almost everyone uses pens in the home, in the office, or when studying. Cool pens are fun to use for people of all ages and they make writing a lot more enjoyable.

This bulk pack of retractable pens is great if you want to stock up. It's also a cool idea if you want to give a gift to every student in the class.

Best Features:

  • bulk pack of 28
  • each pen has ink in six different colors
  • retractable
  • fun
  • smooth to write with
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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2. Novelty Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pens

These fun pens are a cool novelty gift idea for anyone who is studying biology or medicine. They are also a fun idea as a gift for your favorite doctor, nurse or professor. 

This is a pack of 10 pens and each one is designed to look like a different part of the human skeleton. They are quite unique and are sure to amuse almost anyone. If you are looking for a fun inexpensive gift that is also useful then this set is perfect.

Best Features:

  • a fun set of pens to display on a desk
  • great gift idea for a medical professional
  • cool gift for a student
  • there are 10 pens in the pack
  • unique and useful
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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3. Nursing School Survival Mug

Studying is tough and can often involve late nights, early mornings and a lot of hard work. This is definitely the case for nursing students who need to study a lot. Any nursing student is sure to appreciate the sentiment of this fun coffee mug. 

It will also prove to be pretty handy when coffee is needed for all of those early mornings and late nights. If the student you are gifting it to is not a coffee drinker this mug will make a very cool pencil holder. It is sure to amuse fellow students who will be able to relate. 

Best Features:

  • designed especially for nursing students
  • a fun gift idea
  • available in two different sizes
  • great for any occasion
  • arrives ready to give and beautifully boxed
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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4. Recipes Every College Student Should Know

This recipe book is a fantastic idea for any young college student. It is full of easy and nutritious recipes that can be prepared quickly. 

Nutrition is important and college students are often much too bust to spend a lot of time preparing food. This book is sure to help to ensure that your favorite student is properly fed.

Best Features:

  • easy to follow recipes
  • recipes that can be prepared quickly
  • a great gift idea for a college student
  • clear instructions and interesting recipes
  • teaches basic cooking skills
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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5. Sky Blue Canvas Backpack

Backpacks are a must-have item for students of any age. This one is made from durable canvas and it is sky blue in color. There are extra pockets for storing small items and the shoulder straps are padded for comfort.

The bag features a top handle as well as the shoulder straps.

Best Features:

  • made from durable canvas
  • comfortable to carry
  • has a top handle as well as shoulder straps
  • appealing color
  • pockets for small items
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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Available at - Amazon/YoohuSun Backpack

6. Inspirational Quote Paperweight

Paperweights are a handy desktop item for students and for anyone else who uses a desk. This one is a very good gift for a student because it features a motivational quote.

Studying is hard and a positive quote like this one is a great way to inspire your favorite student. 

Best Features:

  • made from hi8gh-quality clear lucite
  • the quote is engraved, not printed so it won't wear off
  • designed to be durable
  • comes beautifully packaged and ready to give
  • a great quote that is sure to inspire
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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7. Laptop Backpack With Charging Port

This backpack is designed to carry a laptop safely. It is perfect for transporting a laptop around campus, to work or when traveling. 

There are four different colors to choose from and several patterned options.

Best Features:

  • a wide variety of colors and patterns offered
  • lifetime warranty
  • USB interface
  • durable zippers
  • padded shoulder straps for comfort
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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Available at - Amazon/Tzowla

8. Colored Sticky Note Set

Sticky notes are perfect for students and they often use a lot of them. This set is sure to be useful for important notes and reminders. There are several different colors and sizes in the set. A case is included so that it is easy to transport them in a bag or to store them in a drawer.

Best Features:

  • bulk pack
  • the organizer is included included
  • three different sizes
  • a range of colors
  • The case includes a calendar for marking important dates
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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9. Adulting 101 Book

This amusing and useful book is available on kindle and as a hardcover. It is a fun gift for a college student and it is also full of very handy advice.

It is designed to teach young people some basic life skills that are often not taught at work. A great handbook that is sure t be used by any young college student who is going to be living away from home for the first time.

Best Features:

  • teaches useful life skills
  • a great handbook for young college students
  • contains a lot of very good advice
  • shows young people how to set and achieve goals
  • covers lots of important topics
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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10. How To Draw Cool Stuff A Drawing Guide

Students of all ages study art and many young students also draw for pleasure. If you know a student who is learning to draw then this drawing guide is a fantastic gift idea.

Give it alone or include drawing utensils such as pencils, paper, and erasers. This is a cool way to encourage your favorite young artist.

Best Features:

  • contains step by step guidelines
  • easy to follow
  • suitable for people of all ages
  • teaches the basic principles of illustration
  • available in paperback, hardback or kindle
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
Source: Amazon/Catherine Holmes

Available at - Amazon/Catherine Holmes

11. Funny Burrito Roll Pencil Case

This cool pencil case is sure to impress any student who loves fun and unique things. It looks so much like a burrito roll that it could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Best Features:

  • fun and unique
  • holds writing implements securely
  • a cool gift idea that is also useful
  • durable
  • made from leather
11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Students
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