11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night

11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night


Getting a good nights sleep is very important for a variety of reasons. When you sleep well your body and your mind function better. This means that you will have more physical and mental stamina throughout the day. When you get a good nights sleep you are healthier, happier and more productive.

If you have ever struggled to sleep well then you will know that sleep is very valuable. When you don't sleep well, you don't feel good.

1. High-Quality Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to promote rest and relaxation. They have been successfully used to treat stress and anxiety.

This one has been made using high-quality cotton. The inner layer is machine washable and it can be spun dry.

Best Features:

  • promotes rest and relaxation
  • machine washable
  • a high-quality cotton inner layer
  • available in very large sizes
  • comfortable and soothing to promote peaceful sleep
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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2. Sleep Mask With Earplug Set

This sleep mask and earplug set is perfect to use at home or when you are traveling. A carry pouch is included and it is great to use on long flights or bus trips.

The mask is designed to block out light so it is also useful for shift workers. A set of high-quality, lightweight earplugs are also included.

Best Features:

  • comfortable to wear
  • easy to use
  • great for travelers
  • versatile
  • designed to block out light and sound
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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3.Wireless Eye Mask With Built In Bluetooth Headphones

This eye mask blocks out light and allows you to fall asleep while listening to your favorite relaxing music. A great idea for anyone who falls asleep easier while listening to music.

Standard headphones can be uncomfortable but the mask is designed for comfort.

Best Features:

  • comfortable to sleep in
  • easy to use
  • blocks out light
  • built-in Bluetooth headphones
  • long battery life
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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4. Orthopedic Knee Pillow For Side Sleeping

This contoured memory foam knee pillow id designed for side sleeping. It corrects posture by elevating the upper knee. This is very useful if you are a side sleeper who struggles to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

Best Features:

  • eases back, knee, leg and joint pain
  • corrects posture for proper spinal alignment
  • improves circulation
  • comes with a washable cover
  • includes a free bag for storage or for traveling
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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5. Soft Sleep Cap For Frizzy Hair

If you have long, curly or frizzy hair it can often get in the way when you are trying to sleep. This cap is designed to protect your hair and to keep it neatly out of the way.

It also keeps your hair in good order so that it looks great in the morning. If you tend to toss and turn quite a bit when sleeping then this is pretty useful.

Best Features:

  • easy to use
  • protects your hair
  • keeps hair out of your face when you are sleeping
  • calms frizzy or curly hair
  • reduces hair breakage
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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6. Wedge Shaped Memory Foam Pillow

This comfortable memory foam pillow is designed to help people with issues such as snoring and sleep breathing disorders. It's also a great pillow to use post-surgery. Your body posture will be corrected allowing you to breath easier and sleep more deeply.

Best Features:

  • very comfortable
  • helps with common conditions that cause snoring
  • useful for people with sleep breathing disorders
  • the cover is machine washable
  • promotes a better sleeping position.
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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7. Soothing White Noise Machine

Sounds play an important role when it comes to quality sleep. This is especially true when it comes to falling asleep. If you find that it takes quite a while for you to fall asleep then this white noise machine can help you.

It's also very useful for small children that don't fall asleep easily. The machine plays 24 different soothing sounds.

Best Features:

  • great for people of all ages including infants
  • very easy to use
  • looks great on your bedside table
  • has a memory function
  • there is a built-in timer
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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8. Peaceful Rain Digital Sleep Music Download

Sometimes it's hard to sleep when your mind is busy thinking of things you need to do etc. You need to relax your mind as well as your body if you want to sleep peacefully.

This HD Peaceful rain recording is designed to help you clear your mind and prepare for sleep.

Best Features:

  • this is a digital download that is available instantly
  • you can store it on your smart device and use it anywhere
  • helps to calm your mind
  • no equipment is required except for the smart device that you use the most often
  • an inexpensive solution that you can use right now
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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9. Orthopedic Pillow With Natural Neck Curve

When your neck is not supported properly at night this can cause a variety of issues. It can cause snoring and can make sleep breathing problems much worse.

This pillow is designed to support your neck and allow it to curve naturally. It is a corrective pillow that will decrease neck pain and discomfort. The pillow is offered in several different sizes and it is very important to choose the correct size.

When ordering there is a video that will show you how to find out which size is right for you.

Best Features:

  • tailored neck support
  • firm and comfortable
  • a zippered pillow cover is included
  • made from firm, molded foam
  • non-allergenic
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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10. Bulk Pack Of Ultra-Soft Earplugs 60 Pairs

Earplugs are very useful if you sleep with a partner who snores or if you live in a noisy area. Some people are extra sensitive to noise when sleeping. This is a problem because it means that any small noise can disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Some earplugs are too uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. These soft foam earplugs block out noise without making you uncomfortable.

Best Features:

  • very soft and comfortable to sleep in
  • made from high-quality material
  • the s shape allows for a secure fit
  • easy to insert and remove
  • suitable to wear for long periods of time
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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11. Elevating Ankle Support Pillow

If you have issues with tired, aching or injured feet then this pillow will help you sleep better. When you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day aching feet can be a real issue. 

This cushion is also very useful for treating certain foot conditions and injuries. Use it in bed or use it when you are relaxing. A great way to take the pressure off your feet and let them rest.

Best Features:

  • relieves pressure on feet and ankles
  • can be used while resting, sleeping or sitting
  • great for treating aching, tired feet
  • allows your feet to rest
  • supports ankles
11 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better At Night
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