11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know

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Mental health is just as important to us as physical care, so our mind, like our body, needs to rest from time to time. There are several ways to relax your mind, such as spa days at home, yoga or massage.

If you feel stressed, tired or unhappy, it's time to take a break from everything you're busy with. By using the right products, you can open up your chakras and improve your mood.

1. Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil

For those who prefer natural products, these oils are a good option. As everyone knows, essential oils have been used for their healing properties for centuries. They are good for both physical pain and mental relaxation. 

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
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2. Organo Gold Pemium"The Vert" Green Tea

Did you have a busy day at work? Green tea will ease your nerves. It also burns body fat, calms the mind, and rests the body. If you can't sleep well, a cup of Organo Gold Premium green tea a day will also help you sleep peacefully. 

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
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3. Bean Products Yoga Monster Mat

Yoga improves concentration, then you can keep both mental and physical body in control. That way, you can find a balance between your body and your mind. Bean Products yoga mats with various color options can be the first step to get started. 

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
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4. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs

If you're feeling exhausted or under the weather, it's time to take a bath to take the negative energy away. These bath balls have a curative effect along with their wonderful colors. Let's calm down while waiting for them to dissolve in the water. 

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
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5. Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

If you don't get a good night's sleep, it'll have negative effects on your day. When you sleep well, your brain works well, so a pillow creates a much bigger difference than you think. This Memory Foam pillow will provide neck support for you with its ergonomic design while offering you a sound sleep.

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know

6. Fitness Sports Water Bottle with Motivational Time Marker

We know that dehydration causes headaches, so you should keep yourself hydrated to reduce weariness and keep illnesses away. Even when you don't want to, this water bottle will always be around to motivate you to drink more water.

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
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7. Chakras Incense

Burning incense activates certain chakras in the body and decreases anxiety. The aroma of the incense is believed to protect from negative energies when spread throughout the house. How about freeing your mind and relaxing while meditating?

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
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8. The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within

A unique book for those who want to turn to their inner strength. The Book of Secrets is such a book that people who want to give a different direction to their life and who seek inner peace will never want to leave it lying around.

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
Source: Osho/Amazon

9. Top Plaza Chakra Healing Crystals Copper

Natural stones have an undeniable effect on balancing emotions. It prevents fear, anxiety, and stress. It is also believed that crystals refresh the energy in the body. You can use this product as a decorative object in the office or at home.

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
Source: Top Plaza/Amazon

Also you can take a look at this video to learn crystals' effects on body: https://youtu.be/WgROSxu30q4

10. Nib Mor Organic Dark Chocolate

Of course, chocolate has something to do with happiness! According to scientific research, the chemicals chocolate contains have mood-enhancing mechanisms.  

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
Source: Nib Mor/Amazon

11. Shiatsu Back, Shoulder & Neck Massager with Heat

Muscles in our body contract on stressful days, especially if we spend long hours in the traffic jams, and all we need on those days is a nice massage.

This Shiatsu massager with a heating function will reduce all the pain on your neck and shoulders and will relax your body from head to toe!

11 Self-Care Products Everyone Should Know
Source: InvoSpa/Amazon

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