11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

The main struggle when it comes to being fashionable for both men and women is to find a middle ground between on trend and unique. It's important to not look out of style but it is also important to ensure that you express your unique personality by adding your own twist to your personal presentation.

There are many ways to do this, below is a list of unique ideas to inspire you as you create your look!

1.Interesting Shoes

You can quickly and easily spice up a plain outfit by adding a pair of eye catching shoes. They do not necessarily need to be brightly colored or too strange, especially if we are are talking about a work or executive style outfit. There are many interesting styles available to add a touch of flair without being too over the top. The Perforated Wooden Heel Western Cutout Ankle Boots below are are great example of this. Comfortable for the workday and evident of some quirky cowboy style!

western bootsImage via Amazon

2. Avoid Classic Black

Another way to jazz up an outfit is to work with color. Go for classic cuts and styles but avoid common choices such as black in order to stand out from the crowd.

11 Interesting Fashion IdeasImage via theunstitchd

3.  Keep It Fresh for Summer

Summer outfits that have a touch of freshness are always appealing. This is true for both formal and casual fashion. Think pretty summer colors or fresh themes such as fruit or beachy prints.

watermelon necklaceImage via GirlPROPS11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

4. Make It Funky

If you like to hit the dance floor while looking cool yet sophisticated consider some fun stand out prints rather than plain colors. This may also work well at the office depending on the dress code.

mens polka dot shirtImage via uxcell11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

5. Digital Art Accessories

Digital art is always interesting and you can wear your favorite piece printed on a fun accessory.  Support an artist while displaying your personal taste in a unique way.

Living Green Mandala kaleidoscope messenger bag
Image via bigspl 

6. Bohemian Casual Wear

Bohemian style casual wear is perfect for holidays or weekends when you really want a free spirit vibe. There are many different styles of bohemian type clothing, the main features of which are soft flowing fabrics and neutral colors.

bohemian style lace dressImage via R.Vivimos11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

7.  Pattern Mixing

It's often ingrained in us to only wear patterns with plain colors, however mixing patterns can work really well. It needs to be carefully done in order to look great so try experimenting with patterned items in your wardrobe to see what you can come up with.

8. The Jacket

The right jacket can transform any outfit instantly. We often tend to purchase jackets in neutral colors so that they can be worn with any outfit. Try buying a colored jacket for a change, perfect to add a splash of style to bland winter outfits.

red leather jacketImage via LingLuoFang11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

9. Have Fun!

One of the most important rules of fashion is to have fun! Slogan T-shirts are great for this. As soon as you walk into a room your sense of humor and fun nature will be immediately obvious!

fun do it later shirtImage via Chellysun11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

10. The Bow Tie

Bow ties are quirky and fun and also a great way to add some interest to a suit. Great for formal occasions such as dinner parties or weddings. For when you want to look formal yet fun!

bow tieImage via Kingkravate

11. Display That Bling!

The best thing to do when you really want to ooze class is to invest in an amazing piece of jewelry by a well recognized designer. An amazing watch speaks volumes!

amazing rolexImage via Rolex11 Interesting Fashion Ideas

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