11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day

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Prepare your dining table, roast the turkey, bake the apple pie, and you're ready for a fascinating Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated since 1789 in the USA and Canada. On this day, people have dinner with their loved ones, families, and friends. Eating roasted turkey, and pumpkin pie are considered as a tradition of Thanksgiving. It means coming together and giving thanks to the things you have with the delicious dishes.

If you'll be with your family and friends on Thanksgiving Day this year, don't overlook these ideas to make your Thanksgiving funny and fascinating. 

1. Thanksgiving Decorations Lighted Fall Garland

To be the best host, your house should look flawless like you. With this Thanksgiving decor, your front door will be cozy. A blend of the leaves will warm up your house as a fall garden. You can also use this decor on your dining table, or wrap it stair banisters. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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2. Forum Novelties Men's Roasted Turkey Hat

Who doesn't want to have fun while preparing the Thanksgiving dinner? If you can't find anything for fun, you should get this roasted turkey hat.  It's very festive and will fit great. You'll see lots of laughs and smiles all around the house, and will get lots of compliments from your family and friends. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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3. Winsome Wood Sedona Bed Tray

Although dinner is much more preferred by most people on Thanksgiving day, breakfast with family is a good idea as much as dinner. If you can't cook the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, then you can try to prepare the best breakfast for your family. Serve your breakfast on this tray, and put a little smile on your loved ones' face.

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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4. Harvest Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Everyone wants to see their whole family at Thanksgiving dinner, but some people aren't so lucky about this. If your grandma lives in another city or country, no need to be afraid, you can still celebrate her Thanksgiving Day with these cute greetings cards. It'll make you keep in touch with your family and friends, even if you don't live close to them. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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5. Benson Mills Harvest Splendor Engineered Printed Fabric Tablecloth

Let's add a perfect touch to your dining table with this tablecloth with turkeys on it. This tablecloth will effortlessly dress up your dining table, and all of your guests will love it. You don't need to get any other decorations for your table when you have this tablecloth, because it already has the perfect design.

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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6. Thanksgiving Turkey Honeycomb Centerpiece Tissue

This centerpiece tissue is simple but classy ornaments increase a festive touch for your reunion, making your home warming and making your fall table decoration standout. You can hang them to your front door or just above your dining table to celebrate your guests' Thanksgiving Day in a fun way with the hanging turkey and pumpkins.

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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7. Thanksgiving Silverware Cutlery Holders

If you have to use your grandma's old, traditional-looking utensils at dinner, you'll need some cool touches to them. Give to your grandma's traditional forks a little modern look with the cutlery holders. It's a fun addition to your casual family Thanksgiving table setting. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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8. 10" Pumpkin Pie Vintage Pie Plate

When your guests are waiting to eat some dessert after dinner, they should wait for your delicious pumpkin pie. Of course, serving is the most important part of it, so the plate should be chosen well for Thanksgiving Day. You can try this vintage pie plate with some designs that remind you of autumn.

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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9. Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

After the Thanksgiving dinner, you'll probably feel so full and tired, so is your family. If no one has the energy to do something fun, then, you can try to encourage them with some table games. With the table games, even your grandparents will enjoy and want to play them again and again. Also, you can learn how much you know about your family while playing Guess Who game. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
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10. Develoo 3PCS Artificial Pumpkins for Decoration

A well-dressed pumpkin is never just for Halloween. It'll decorate your Thanksgiving dining table, even it's an artificial pumpkin. Also, next to your pumpkin pie, it'll look so suitable and chic. Create a striking table setting with it. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
Source: Develoo/Amazon

11. Vinkor Flameless Candles Battery Operated

Even the turkey at the dining table will finish in 15 minutes, these flameless candles will burn for 150 hours. Yeah, you heard right. You can keep them until the next Thanksgiving Day. Also, if you want to create a vintage look during the dinner, like the old Thanksgiving dinners, these candles are the best choice for it. And, no need to take care of your children all night long, their fingers won't be burnt with these battery-operated candles. 

11 Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Day
Source: Vinkor/Amazon

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