11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace


This year is about to end and it has been indeed one of the most immobile years for everybody in terms of physical activity due to constant lockdowns. 

With the end of the beach season and coming of winter we may have let ourselves go a little; plus, the holiday season along with their plentiful meals will surely leave great tastes on our lips while not leaving our hips! Don't you worry though. This probable scenario can be avoided if you are up for it.

Gyms have started to welcome their customers these days but it is still quite risky to be in closed areas and crowded places as the coronavirus is still taking lives. Home exercises like home entertainment have become much more popular these days and you do not have to leave your house to stay fit or get in shape.

Going to the gym is a fun activity in itself but it is quite time consuming and not the best option for our health considering the ongoing events.

Still, you can feel the same rush without spending that much time while getting the best result with high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT.

With the right nutrition and regular workouts, you can get your ideal body by just sparing less than 45 minutes a day and all you need is access to the internet.

It can be quite uplifting to have some tools that will help and guide you along the way. This is why we prepared you a list of items that can be your trusted companions on this journey!


Scroll down for items that will make 2021 a HIIT year!        

1. Weighted Fitness Training Vest for Women - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Empower/Amazon

Ladies, gather around! After a while, those planks and push ups do not seem to have the same effect as they used to.
Well, that is because your body adapts the activity level and those exercises become less challenging thus less effective.

You can step up your game with this X shaped vest though. You can add evenly distributed weight and resistance to your various workouts from squats to running.

Made from stretchy neoprene fabric, this vest is designed for comfort and durability but sadly the comfort you will get from those planks is still limited.

2. Gym Resistance Bands and Bar System - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Gorillabow/Amazon

Going to the gym and feeling the pump is both energizing and soothing at the same time.

However, at this time it may not worth taking the risk of going out and getting in closed crowded places.
Still, you can get these feelings with this product at your house!

Combining a weightlifting bar and resistance bands, Gorilla Bow engages every major muscle group without being a burden or taking up space.
You can adjust your resistance level with 4 different bands and get the best weight for each exercise

3. Exercise Dice - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace


Source: SPRI/Amazon

Although the basics are solid, each person has their own unique way of training and rituals.
Some people love organizing every detail of their work out while others tend to go with the flow.

Both styles have ups and downs but doing sports is all about being healthy and happy.

If you love going with the flow, these exercise dices may be what you need. With workouts on one and rep counts printed on the other, test your luck and get it done!

4. Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Gorilla mats/Amazon

You can transform your house into a gym, yoga, or dance class with this extra-large fitness mat.
Thanks to its durability you can do your work out with your shoes on and neither your floor nor your mat will be affected.

This high density, non-slip product has a unique, circle-pattern bottom grip preventing the mat from sliding around.

The mat also comes with a towel, carry bag, and straps so you can take it anywhere and do your high-intensity training without having to look for a suitable floor. 

5. Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace


Source: TheFitLife/Amazon

Resistance bands are among the best exercise equipment and they can be used in almost every type of work out from HIIT to physiotherapy.

They can help you in isolation exercises like shoulders, legs, and hips while also helping you boost your stamina, flexibility, and range of motion.

You can use the 5 inbox bands alone or stacked to adjust your intensity level. Made from premium materials, these anti-snap, non-irritant bands are also odorless.
These ergonomically designed bands are a perfect exercise option for those caring for their health and body. 

6. Core Sliders - Buy now

11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Synergee/Amazon

As you can deduce from its name, HIIT workouts focus more on the intensity rather than the repetition and you will feel the intensity with these sliders for sure!

There is no reason to get intimidated though, core workouts are among the hardest ones for sure, but a flat and firm abdominal might be a game-changer by the pool.

One of the challenging parts of core exercises is that it is quite hard to engage core muscles but with these compact core sliders, you can engage your core muscles anywhere and challenge yourself with full-body exercises while improving your balance and stability. 

7. Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Invincible Fitness/Amazon

If you are a challenger and want to improve your agility, coordination, and explosive power, you are in the right place.

This agility ladder along with effective and helpful components offers a variety to your workouts and thanks to its ebooks you can learn new exercises while improving your shortcomings!

8. HIIT Interval Workout Game - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: the Stack 52/Amazon

You can get in shape by just playing a game! Do not get confused though because this HIIT game is designed by military fitness expert Sergeant Volkin so it may appear a little different from the traditional games.

However, one thing this game shares with other games is that it is fun! You can play by yourself or compete with family and friends.

By using strategy cards and giving your opponent extra exercises you can tire them to defeat while doing your daily work out at the same time.
Also, there is no need for extra equipment or planning, just scan the exercise cards with a smartphone to see the video demonstration and get ready to see the results!

9. Waist Trimmer - Buy Now

11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Waits Trimmers/Amazon

You can enhance your workout with this waist trimmer designed to improve thermogenic activity and sweating in your body.

This flexible waist trimmer adjusts to your size and fits around your body during exercise.
Its extra-thick, latex-free Neoprene provides an enhanced sweating experience and its grid limits both moisture absorption and slipping during the workout.

10. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace

Source: Lintelek/Amazon

Although they may not be the great motivators before the workout, some great features of the HIIT are feeling your heart beat, trying to catch your breath, and achieving runner’s high.

After the workout, you feel more alive with each beat and each breath. If you also love these feelings, this heart rate monitor can be a great companion for you during your workouts!

With 14 sport modes, this monitor tracks the corresponding exercise and record your heart rate, distance, and workout time.

Plus, you can record your workout route as well, if you connect it to GPS. The monitor also tracks your daily steps, calories consumed during the day, and your sleep at night.

11. Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings - Buy Now11 HIIT Items That Will Help You Keep Up the Pace 

Source: DEGOL/Amazon

Jumping a rope is a nostalgic and effective way to burn calories. This rope however is designed specifically for effectiveness: its ball bearing system avoids twisting, winding, or bending while ensuring stable and relaxed rotation.

Skipping rope is a great way of HIIT and perfect for improving your cardio endurance, stamina, and speed.

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