11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020


Being a child may be the best thing in life. Eating as much as you want without worrying about weight gain, spending time with friends without any conflict of interest, not worrying about taxes, and having the most innocent feelings are a few advantages of being a kid.

The list goes on, however, there are two things that are indeed loved by all children: toys and games. Due to the technological developments and the fast pacing world, today's children may have different tastes in toys but still, the amount of love is the same.

No matter what year we are in, toys and games will still conquer the hearts of children. Therefore we gathered the most sold toys and games of 2020. Be sure to take a look at our list and pick your favorite!


1. Slam 'n Curve Slide - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Little Tikes/Amazon

This slide can bring a lot of joy to your children when they are playing in the garden on a hot summer day!

Children can climb the inflatable rock wall leading to a slippery slide, and then finally arrive at the refreshing, landing pool which also has a basketball hoop for extra fun!

The slide is designed in a way that parents can see all the action. With this slide at the back of your garden, you can be the "cool" parent of the neighborhood.

2. The Child Animatronic Toy - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Star Wars/ Amazon

You may know him by the name of "Baby Yoda" but he is actually called The Child. Now you or your child can be the protector of this adorable creature!

Featuring various motorized movements from moving head and ears to blinking, the animatronic toy has also a force activation feature where the toy raises its arm, closes its eyes, and sighs as if it is using the Force.

Upon touching its head you can also hear his voice inspired by the Mondolorian series. All these features can make this toy your child's new favorite.

3. Reversible Octopus Plushie - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: TeeTurtle/Amazon

Here is a cute and fun way to show your mood without saying a single word.

These original snuggly stuffed animals are patented designs with a reversible side. Each plushie has one happy and an angry side just like we do.

These super-soft squishy animals can soothe you with their cute-looking faces and you may never want to put them down once you pick them up.     

4. Foam Pogo Jumper - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Flybar/Amazon

If your child loves hopping around, you can treat them by getting them their first pogo jumper!

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, your child can play with this pogo jumper anywhere without scratching or harming any surface or furniture.

Apart from being fun toys, they are also helpful in developing your child's hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

With various colors and designs, there is a pogo jumper for every child's taste

5. Trekking The National Parks - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Underdog Games/Amazon

Unfortunately, the outdoor activities we can do as a family group are limited due to the pandemic.

However, this board game can let you trek the U.S. National Parks in a fun and competitive way! By claiming Park Cards and collecting trail stones, you compete for points.

Designed to be both entertaining and educational, each park card features an interesting fact along with a gorgeous visual.

6. The Office Figure Set - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Thomas & Friends Toys/Amazon

The Office fans, gather around! Here is a chance for you to become the assistant to the regional manager of the famous paper supply company!

With 4 adorable character figures under 3 inches tall, you can create your favorite scenes or remember the memorable times from this legendary TV series.

This special edition figure set comes in a giftable, office-themed package. It is an excellent piece to add to any The Office collection. 

7. Pick Your Poison Card Game - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Pick Your Poison/Amazon

Although it may sound a little threatening at first, this card game owes its fun and tense nature to its name.

Consisting of unfathomable “What would you rather do?” scenarios, this card game is a great way to spend fun time especially if you have a friend group that likes occasionally picking on one another.

After the big reveal, you will find out who is "right" and who is just as messed up as you thought.

8. Sensory Fidget Toys Set - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: SMALL FISH/Amazon

This toy set consisting of various fun and colorful toys especially works well for individuals and kids with ADD, ADHD, and hyperactivity.

It is also great for seniors with hand and arm injuries. From stretchy strings and spiky balls to flip chains and peek a boo squeeze bean, the set contains fun and interesting toys for every kid!

9. Catan The Board Game - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Catan Studio/Amazon

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be a settler in the old times? Well if you have, you can find out by playing this board game!

You can settle Catan's many harbors, regions and acquire resources like grain, wool, etc. through trades or cards. Then you can use the combinations of these to expand your civilization!

If you love games requiring strategy and tactical skills, you will have a great time playing this game especially when you have worthy opponents.

10. Dinosaur Play Set with Mat & Stunt Remote T-rex - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Temi/Amazon

Admiration for dinosaurs is not surprising and, children particularly seem to love these magnificent creatures that were once walking these lands ages ago.

You can give your child a chance to explore the dinosaur world while playing with this set containing 9 realistic dinosaur figures along with a compelling Dino park mat.

Made of non-toxic PVC, these hand-painted action figures can be purchased with peace of mind.

11. Fun Stroller Sloth - Buy Now11 Best Selling Toys & Games of 2020

Source: Fisher-Price/Amazon

Here is a cute sloth for your adorable baby!

This sloth toy can help your newborn with 8 sensory discoveries and engage your baby's senses of touch and sight.

Featuring  2 additional hanging toys, sunshine mirror and crinkly leaf, the sloth climbs back up the branch when you pull its hand down.

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