10 Ways To Enjoy Your Life More

10 Ways To Enjoy Your Life More

Do you ever feel as though you are just going through the motions and that you don't really enjoy your life? We have all felt like that at times. The pressures of work, family and other time commitments can leave you feeling exhausted. Even if you are very busy it's important that you find ways to just enjoy being. What is the point of working so hard and being busy if you can't reap the benefits of your hard work? You may think that you don't have enough time or enough money but if you plan to do things that don't take up much time or schedule longer activities in advance you will find it worthwhile. People who take time out to enjoy their lives benefit it many ways. They suffer from stress and anxiety less often and also feel happier and more content in general. If you're not sure how to get started here are 10 great ideas.


Go For A Walk Or A Bike Ride In Your Local Area

No matter where you live there is probably a park, beach, country road or bike path that you can visit. If you are short of time aim for 10-20 minutes a few times a week. The fresh air will help you to de-stress and the little bit of extra exercise will benefit you more than you think. Life is not all about rushing from one point to the next, sometimes a leisurely ride or stroll is just what the doctor ordered.



Drink More Water

When you are healthier you definitely enjoy your life more. One way to be a little healthier is to drink more water. If you drink a lot of coffee or sugary drinks start by replacing one or two with water instead. Without water our planet would cease to exist as we know it, so drinking more of it can only bring good results to your life. When you are very busy, take time out for a minute or two occasionally and sip some water. It's like taking a miniature holiday, you will feel instantly refreshed.


Enjoy Some Artwork

No matter how busy you are you can take time out to admire some artwork. Even if you stop and admire some street art on your past. You could also visit a gallery, find some amazing artwork online or spend some time soaking in the vibe of a favourite artwork you have at home. If you are creative you could produce some artwork, something that is not necessarily complicated but allows you to express yourself and enjoy your life.



Wear Something That You Really Love

Whether you are at work, out and about, relaxing or doing activities with family wearing something you love can really lift your mood. If you work somewhere a uniform is required you can still make this work for you. You could wear your favorite jewelry or hair accessory. If you are unable to do this then your favorite underwear will do the trick. This may seem simple and it might seem like it will make no difference to your mood. It works best however when the item you choose is not just a favorite item but something you LOVE. Sentimental items or gifts from people who are important to you fall into this category. Also consider items that are your favorite color or something you wore to a special even that brings back happy memories.



Plan An Overseas Holiday

You may not currently have the funds to go on the trip of a lifetime but don't let that stop you. Planning an amazing trip is a lot of fun and you can find out what it will cost while doing it. Once you have all of the details you will be able to start saving with a very inspiring goal in mind. There are many ways to find the information you will need. You could google or create a fantastic pinterest board full of places you want to go and things you want to do. Setting a goal is a very good idea and it will inspire you to keep going even when life gets tough. It will be worth it when you are standing on that beach or admiring that amazing view that have been dreaming about!



Watch The Sun Go Down

Watching the sunset is free no matter where you are or what you are doing. You may not have time to watch the entire event but you certainly can take a few moments and admire the view. Perhaps you could snap a photo of each sunset you take the time to notice and create a facebook album for them. Looking at it will be a wonderful reminder of the moments you will miss when you don't take the time to enjoy your life. Doing something like this is a reminder that world around us is beautiful, life is beautiful. In order to see the beauty of life we do need to shift our focus from our busy lives sometimes and look around.



Attend A Cultural Festival

Get a taste of a different culture without leaving your home state by attending a cultural festival. In order to find out when there will be a festival like this in your vicinity you can google. Festivals like this often focus on a certain culture such as French, Greek or Italian. Usually you can sample traditional food and also check out cultural costumes, dances, music and other displays.



Relax Deliberately & Enjoy Your Life

Modern lifestyles often mean that we truly only relax when and if we have the time. Scheduling time each week to do a beneficial activity each week is a good way to ensure that you don't get overwhelmed. Try meditating, yoga or anything you enjoy that is relaxing and good for you. This increases your productivity as you will feel more able to tackle the tasks ahead. Remember that looking after yourself physically and mentally is important.


Spend Time With Animals

It is well known that spending time with pets is beneficial. If you don't have a pet however, you can still find ways to do this. You can visit a marine park or a zoo, or feed the ducks at your local park. There is something about spending time near or with animals that is soothing to the human soul. Scientific studies have gone so far as to prove that people with pets often live longer and happier lives. There are more animals around you than you might think. If you do not keep pets you could leave out some birdseed in your yard and you will soon have an array of feathery visitors.


Be Free!

One way to enjoy your day to day life more is just to appreciate your blessings. I know you have probably heard that before but that doesn't make it any less true. Even if you feel that you do not have much to be thankful for I can assure you that you do. If you have family that love you this is something to be thankful for. Other things that you can be thankful for include things like a home, a good job, your health, the fact that you don't live in a war zone. Many people do not have the things that you have. Some people find that writing a gratitude journal is helpful. To write a gratitude journal you simply write down one thing that you are thankful for each day. Appreciate the fact that you are free, free to dream and live your life.


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