10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity

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Irrespective of your industry; although, chances are you've Googled 'how to improve productivity' at least once in your lifetime. Improving the quality of the work you deliver in a given timespan, surely that's an enticing goal for every industry professional. The question is, what's the roadmap to achieving that goal?

The internet is loaded with tons of productivity tools and hacks, Although most of them require software tools, investing in physical objects can also go a long way in maximizing productivity.

That being said, here are a few productivity essentials you won't regret investing in in the long run.

1. A Pomodoro Timer

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: Ticktime/Amazon

This Pomodoro timer is a cinch to use - all you need to do is flip it to start the countdown. It comes with multiple modes and adjustable sound alerts so you can customize it according to your requirements. A value for money product that'll ensure your productivity levels start going north when you start using it.

For those who know a thing or two about increasing productivity, the Pomodoro technique pops up in almost every search result when they scour the internet for productivity hacks. This technique involves using time efficiently with breaks to ensure you deliver the best results in quality and quantity at the end of the day. 

Having a Pomodoro timer on your desk is an excellent choice since you don't always have to turn to your phone to check time if you're following this method religiously. Using smartphones while following this technique can be the biggest distraction. 

For instance, you must take a 5-minute break when this process permits and immediately turn to your social media accounts to spend those five minutes. Eventually, chances are you might end up extending the holiday just because the reels you're scrolling through are so good you can't take your eyes off them.

2. Productivity Planner

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: BestSelf/Amazon

The BestSelf Journal is designed keeping your happiness in mind. It tracks your daily tasks, goals, habits, and overall progress. Available in 8 different colors, it contains templated pages that inspire you to focus on the task at hands. Also, there are various motivational quotes to keep you inspired in the process of achieving your targets in a given time span.

Productivity is achieved only through good planning of tasks and setting a perfect schedule. If you're juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, you can always write them down in a productivity planner and tick them off individually.

Sure, there are oodles of applications that'll help you take notes. However, it's proven that writing down your goals and tasks for the day helps you remember them better.

3. Noise-canceling headphones

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: EAORUL/Amazon

These noise-canceling headphones can help you concentrate in doing repetitive tasks by barring the surrounding noise from distracting you. It offers deep bass along with 100H of playtime. Available in two colors, this headset can be connected via Bluetooth and also boast a comfortable and foldable design.

Spending your time doing monotonous, repetitive tasks that are unavoidable? Using a pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you get through these sessions while keeping your mood afresh. Put on these headphones and listen to a podcast or your favorite songs.

A little multitasking has never hurt anyone. However, I'd strictly recommend listening to music only when you're doing repetitive tasks. In other circumstances, it can be a distraction especially in tasks where you must put in a lot of thought.

4. Productivity books

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: Damon Zahariades/Amazon

The 30-Day Productivity Plan is a helpful book that decodes thirty bad habits that may be affecting the way you manage time during work. It's a great manual to read if you often lose focus during work or are overwhelmed due to the responsibilities in your way and how to manage them.

You cannot use this directly while working, but reading productivity books will allow you to unearth methods and secrets that may not be ubiquitous on the internet. 

There are piles of books available on Amazon or elsewhere for you to buy. If you're a new-age reader, you can also use audiobooks, albeit I'd strictly recommend using a physical copy.

5. Posture corrector

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: Upright GO/Amazon

The Upright GO-2 is a posture corrector designed to help you stop the habit of slouching and improve your posture within two weeks. This device also comes with an Android and iOS app that allows you to track your progress with regards to posture improvement.

Believe it or not, having the wrong posture while working can lead to an immense loss of productivity. Your body needs to be free of any physical pressure that may interfere with your concentration in doing daily tasks. 

That's precisely why a posture corrector is a must-have, irrespective of whether you're working from home or at the office. This tool will allow you to maintain an upright posture and improve hunchback issues that cause back problems.

6. Fidget toys

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: PILPOC/Amazon

A crisp clicking sound and smooth rotation capabilities - the PILPOC Fidget Cube is a stressbuster device that'll help you focus on the tasks at hand by helping you relax during a heavy schedule. It's available in multiple colors, so you can choose one that best fits your requirements.

It's all but natural if your mind wanders to a sunny beach day in Barbados when you're stuck with boring meetings or monotonous tasks. 

And, the moment you're asked to answer a specific question in a meeting while enjoying that sunny beach day in your mind, you're brought back to your senses and into the real world, totally clueless about the subject of discussion. 

Research shows that fidget toys help you relax and concentrate on tedious tasks. There are oodles of fidget toys available in the market, so make sure you've got one of your choices on your desk.

7. Aroma diffuser

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: Loxim/Amazon

The Loxim Aroma Diffuser is available in four colors and operates at a low sound (38dB), producing fragrance that refreshes your mood and helps you concentrate on the tasks at hand. It has a portable and an environmental-friendly design that also helps you save on electricity bills, since it's a battery-powered device.

The sweet fragrance always refreshes your mood to the next level, which is a crucial reason why an aroma diffuser and essential oils should be in your arsenal of gadgets for improving productivity. 

The scent of essential oils can rejuvenate you at any point in the day, and you'll feel charged up and ready to work more, thus canceling laziness or tiredness that can affect your productivity.

8. Office chair cushion

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: ComfiLife/Amazon

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion has memory foam along with a non-slip rubber bottom. It also boasts a lightweight and portable design. Tailored for office use, this cushion provides relief from back pain that may be inviting fatigue and affecting your productivity at work. Apart from office, it can be used as a driving seat for long hours of travel.

We've already seen the posture corrector and how it's essential to maintain a steady flow of productivity. The office chair cushion is another accessory that takes your working experience by a notch. It ensures no hindrance caused to your productivity due to physical body pain or pressure. This chair cushion is inexpensive and can easily fit any budget plans you make to improve your productivity. 

9. Portable air conditioner

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: QKXC/Amazon

The QKXC Wireless Charging Station comes with a smart 3-in-1 design that saves space and offers multifunctionality as well. You can charge your phone, airpods, and smartwatch all at once using this device. It takes up little space on your desk and also eliminates the use of wires, thus freeing up desk space.

Summer can be cruel at times, and if the temperature is sweltering hot, it's essential to have the right gadgets in place so that the sweat trickling down the back of your neck doesn't cause fatigue and affect productivity in any way. 

A portable air conditioner on your desk is necessary for this very purpose. The longer the body remains calm, the better your productivity will last throughout the day.

10. A wireless charging station

10 Tools to revolutionize your workflow and boost productivity
Source: DeLonghi/Amazon

The DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner can cool extra large rooms upto 700 sq.ft easily. Available in two colors and as many sizes, it hardly makes any noise while working, ensuring there isn't any unwanted disturbance affecting your work. Also, it boasts a lightweight and portable design, so it can be transported easily from one place to another.

Removing the clutter of wires goes a long way in helping us concentrate on our work. Imagine a workstation with wires to welcome you whenever you sit down. Not a welcoming site.

A wireless charging dock helps organize your desk in two ways. You can keep your gadgets like smartwatches, mobile phones, earbuds, and tablets all in one place. Also, it cuts out the clutter, which frees up space, and your work surroundings look way better than they were with a bunch of wires lying around and about.


Regarding productivity tools, many tend to focus only on software tools that help you increase the quality of your output. However, improving productivity as a subject has multiple dimensions and factors that need to be addressed. This article is an honest attempt to focus on the physical, tangible aspects paramount in your journey to improving productivity.

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