bathroom-bin1It is a new design made to compete with the top sanitary bin brands in Europe and USA. LÚCID has designed the whole parts, external plastic (ABS) parts as well as the mechanisms and the electronic of the inside. There are two different models, the manual, and automatic powered by a sensor which opens the lid just by approaching the user's hand. The new sanitary bin has also a antibacterial and air freshener diffuser inside to avoid reek. Bin_L+ЪCID_ProductDesign4 Bin_L+ЪCID_ProductDesign1

The challenge was to achieve a new design very functional, reducing the number of parts/components about other designs, the mould investment, and doing this through a new and fresh aesthetic, modern and inspired in automotive but feminine at the same time.
This product is also part of the family with the bacteriosthatic/air freshener/o2 generator also designed by LÚCID that you can see at their site.Bin_L+ЪCID_ProductDesign5 Bin_L+ЪCID_ProductDesign2

ACHIEVEMENTS of product:

- Avant-garde style with futuristic traits
- Seamless union between components
- Design of internal components of the bactericide system
- Design of the components of the sensor-triggered motorized cover opening system

The result is a very clean shape, elegant enough to place it in many different bathrooms and very competitive because of its price. This sanitary bin is perfect solution for airports, hotels and restaurants.Bin_L+ЪCID_ProductDesign3

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