10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed

10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed

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The moment you think you have everything that you need, someone comes up with an amazing product and breaks your illusion! Don't worry, you're not alone. It happens to all of us because there are so many cool things that exist in this world; but unless you explore you may never know about them.  

To help you in your journey to find the coolest accessories and gizmos around, here are some items you didn't know you needed.

1. Double-Ended Art Marker - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: Prismacolor/Amazon

For the creative person inside you, here is a premium art product from Prismacolor that would help bring out your creativity with amazing colors. The art markers in this charming set come with double-ended chisel tips and an ink formula that is rich enough to give wings to your colorful thoughts.

2. Floating Hot Tub Side Tray - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Source: Pool Systems USA/Amazon

When you are in a spa pool, you just want to relax and chill but in case you need some snacks in between, it might feel unrelaxing to get out of the pool and dry yourself for this simple need. A cool solution to avoid this get-in, get-out trouble is the floating spa bar hot tub tray that can easily carry all the stuff you need during your pool party.

3. Wireless Doorbell Kit - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: AVANTEK/Amazon

The waterproof and dustproof doorbell from AVANTEK comes with two receivers and a powerful CR battery. This doorbell has a modern appeal and 52 pre-installed melodies that'll never stop amusing you. You can also adjust the volume as you wish. As far as quality is concerned, this product is approved by FCC, CE, and RoHS.

4. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle With Storage Compartment - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: Bindle/Amazon

This stainless steel water bottle can act as your mini survival kit in times of need. Designed using BPA-free components and leak-proof material, this quality product keeps your beverage at the right temperature and stores your valuable goods in a way no one can think of.   

5. Super Combo Scissors - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: VAMPIRE PROFESSIONAL TOOLS/Amazon

Are your scissors blunt because you often use them to cut things that they are not supposed to cut? This will never happen again with these super scissors! The micro-serrated blades make these VamPLIERS great for multi-purpose use, and you can cut anything from rope to leather and steel wires.

6. Silicon Baking Pan - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Source: Cedilis/Amazon

Made from food-grade silicone, this durable baking pan would put an end to all the false allegations that you face while dividing a pizza or cake among your family members as each one of them would have an equal share in the delicious recipes you bake.

These pans are easy to clean, heat-resistant, and suitable for baking bread, muffin, cheesecake, and more. You can also use them as an ice tray or preparing jelly.  

7. Shower Head with Bluetooth Speaker - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Source: atomi smart/Amazon

This showerhead seems like a cool product from the future: It enables you to listen to your favorite music and even receive calls during bath time.

With its 84 angled nozzles, this unique bathroom accessory gives you a great shower experience, plus the sound quality of its Bluetooth wireless speaker will definitely make your day. You can also take the detachable speakers with you when you are going away on a trip.

8. Waterfall Soap Saver - Buy Now

10 Items You Didn't Know You Needed10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: Idea Works/Amazon

If you get annoyed when you see your soap getting all soggy and mushy in the soap tray, then the waterfall soap savor can save you from this problem. This simple plastic tray drains all the excess water from your soap so that it always stays dry and lasts longer.  

9. Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set - Buy No10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: Spring Chef/Amazon

This beautiful measuring spoon set is made from stainless steel and it turns out highly useful especially when you are trying to make recipes with the perfect amount of ingredients or taking medicines. This quality product is rust-free and the built-in magnets keep the spoons set together so that you may never lose one. 

10. Chrome Plated Dishrack - Buy Now10 Items You Didn't Know You NeededSource: Better Chef/Amazon

If you dream of a dish rack that can hold all your dishes and kitchen utensils but still comes with a compact look, then finally your dream has come true. The Better Chef dish rack is a sturdy, rust-resistant product that can hold up to 23 bowls or plates, and comes with a side mounting cutlery holder. 

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