10 Spectacular Architectural Prototypes

If you were to go back in time and show photographs of some modern building to architects or designers for the past they would be stunned. Some of the buildings in the modern world are stunning even to us who live in 2015. The same will be true in the future, technology and building may exist that we can not even dream of in this day and age. Read on to see 10 Spectacular Architectural Prototypes that might seem ridiculously unacheivable, that's not to say that they are thoough. The future may well see some of these amazing concepts come to fruition. Photos courtesy of evolo.

1. Moving SkyScrapers

Seems crazy doesn't it? This cool concept was created for the evolvo skyscraper competition. Polish architects Damian and Rafal Przybyla have created this awesome idea which involves motorised buildings set inside giant tyres. These skyscrapers are designed to be completely self sufficient so that residents of areas that are prone to war can move around as needed and sustain themselves.


2. Flying Farms

These farms are known as Hydrogenase and are airborne, self sufficient farms designed to float above cities.

airborne farms

3. Pollution Eating Tower

Canadian architects YuHao Liu and Rui Wu have proposed the concept of a tower that sucks carbon out of the air. It uses it to make itself better. It would become a sculpture made out of carbon and would change shape while purifying the air.


4. Living Icebergs

The iceberg living station has been designed for the environment in Antartica which is not greatly inhabited by humans. David Garcia Studio proposed this design which involves hollowing out an iceberg to create a research base.

iceberg living station

 5. Invisible Buildings

This concept is based on improving the look of the environment with buildings that have angled, highly reflective mirrors on every surface. With no visible joins the buildings would look a ripple and be difficult to see.

invisible buildings

6. Floating Cities

This surreal looking concept is a floating city, designed by Buckminster Fuller at the request of a wealthy client. His plan was to either tether them to mountains with cables or to just let them float around.


7. Soundscraper

The soundscraper is a totally cool idea. It would absorb sound and convert the sound into energy to power cities. It was designed in 2013 by a group of French architects.


8. Swarm of Mirrors

This is a giant energy harvesting sphere made of solor panels. The idea is that it would encase the sun and harvest energy. Wow!


swarm of mirrors

9. Star Swallowing Computer

This amazing concept is known as Matrioshka brain. It is a giant super computer that would be capable of giving every single human their own tailored paradise to live in forever. It would encase a star and harness it's energy. Our entire species could then upload itself into paradise. Hmm, I hope this one works out, it sounds great!

super computer

10. Mobile Solar System

This is a mind blowing idea created by Shkadov Thruster. It is essentially a giant mirror that would allow us to move our solar system. You can check it out right HERE.

move solar system

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