10 Geek Collections

Collecting stuff is a lot of fun. You can collect almost anything that you are interested in. If you plan on starting a collection then there is one important thing you must remember.

MEDIOCRITY IS FOR THE WEAK10 geek collections

Really cool collections defy logic. Just keep collecting, don't stop. If you run out of space then store some of it at your Mothers house or with other family members. They won't mind. If you would like to start a collection but are not sure what to collect these 10 Geek Collections will inspire you.

supersoakers2004g^Meet Chris Reid. He loves Super Soakers, he loves them so much that he owned 340 of them at the time this photo was taken. Water fight anyone?

Click here to start your very own Super Soaker collection.

shoesb^ Meet Beth she is pictured here with part of her shoe collection. She has 1200 pairs of designer shoes! The entire collection is worth about 1 million dollars.

Click here to add to your shoe collection

slashb^Slash with his guitar collection. Not much can be said about this one except that this is the ultimate cool collection!

Click here to check out collectable guitars

pez collection^ A super sweet collection of Pez candy dispensers.  This is a great choice if you love candy.

Click here to get your Pez Fix!

rubber ducks s^Rubber Duckies galore!! This collection belongs to Charlotte Lee a University of Wahington Engineering professor. The 5239 strong collection has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Search for rubber ducks now to start your own collection

nail polish v^ A huge collection of nail polish! Can be seen at manicureaddict.com

Click here to search for nail polish

Worlds-Biggest-CPU-Collectio^ A man in Russia has amassed what is said to be the largest collection of CPUs in the world he has more than 1000.

brett martin j^ This is Brett Martin he is the luck owner of the worlds largest collection of gaming memorabilia. His collection has been featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

Check out The Guinness Book of Records Gamers Edition 

games 2^ This is Michael Thomossan a superior gaming geek for sure! He has over 10 000 games and 108 consoles. Wow!

daleks^This is Rob Hull, he says he doesn't watch Dr Who or like it very much. But he does like Daleks and has the worlds largest collection.

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