10 Easy Vaseline Lifehacks

10 Easy Vaseline Lifehacks. Vaseline is an inexpensive product that can be used for many different things. You might already have some at home, it is a common household product.  You can buy Vaseline for less than $3. This product is so versatile! Here is a list of some of the things you can use it for.1.  Treating split ends, if you have a problem with split ends in between haircuts vaseline will help. simply massage a small amount into the ends of your hair.
2.  If your shoes are scuffed you can touch them up by applying vaseline to the scuff marks.3.  Vaseline can be used to protect chaffed skin. If yu have ever ha a bad cold then you will know that your nose can quickly become sore and iritated. Vaseline works really well to protect and sooth skin.4.  Make your perfume last longer! If you apply vaseline to your skin before you spray your perfume your scent will last longer. This is because skin tha is moisturised holds fragrance better.5.  If you have a ring that is stuck on your finger vaseine can be used as a lubricant so that you can remove it easily.6. If you appl vaseline to a wet cloth it can be used to remove makeup stains from clothing.7. If you suffer from dry lips duing the cold months you can make a great lip scrub by mixing vaseline with some sugar.8. If you have problem zippers or a squeaky door hinge vaseline makes a great lubricant.9. Use with a cotton bud to gently remove makeup from around the eye area.10. If your cat has a hair ball you can help it feel better by feeding it a tiny dab of vaseline. This is a common treatment and it will help to get rid of the hairball faster.
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