10 DIY Pizza Ovens

10 DIY Pizza Ovens

Wood fired pizzas are delicious. You can make them in your own backyard anytime you choose with one of these 10 DIY Pizza Ovens. There is a great range of options and I have included links to the instructions for each. Which one you choose as best for you will depend on your skill level, the materials you have available and the space you are working with.

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 ^ This one is from instructables.com it has been built on a wooden crate so that it can be moved. The main materials use are cement and brick. It will be very heavy when completed. If you would like to build it as a permenant fixture instructions are included for that as well.diy pizza2k^ This design from gardenfork.tv is perfect if you do not want a permenant fixture. It can be assembled in under 20 minutes. When it is not in use simply unassemble and store. Perfect if you want a pizza oven for a special event or backyard party.diy pizzzzk^ This is the 39" Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit a great idea if you don't want to have to spend time sourcing materials. The kit comes with materials and instructions so you can get started right away.pizza ovenj k ^ This one was built for under $200 by a man who was challenged by his wife to do it for that price.  He based the design on instructions from a book by Kiko Denzer called 'Build Your Own Earth Oven'Exif_JPEG_PICTURE ^ The materials for this one cost under $20! Great for cooking breads and pizza. You can find the instructions at The Year of Mud: Cob & Natural Building Workshops1 1pizza j^ A stone pizza oven that looks great in any setting. Find out how to build one of these at diynetwork.com1 1 1k ^ The instructions for building this design are available at hgtv.com. The corner style mount is an excellent idea. Perhaps put it near your BBQ and create an outdoor kitchen.1 1 a k^ This one was designed and built by a man who usually doesn't do any DIY building or home maintainence himself. His wife claims that he has never even put up a shelf. So even if you have never built anything before you should be able to tackle this project. Instructions at flossieteacakes1 1 w k^ Here is another one that is available in kit form. A very easy to build modular design with interlocking components. 47" Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit.  1 1 stell k ^ If your DIY skills really don't stretch any further than taking it out of the box then the ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven might be for you. It is constructed from high grade stainless steel and built to last.

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