10 Creepy Halloween Masks

10 Creepy Halloween Masks

If you want to freak out your friends creepy Halloween masks should do the job. Choosing a Halloween costume is a lot of fun and all of these masks are great options. They are pretty scary though so use them with caution! 

Halloween is the perfect time to wear one of these masks because costumes are often worn. If you love to give your friends, neighbors or family members a good scare then one of these masks is sure to do the job.


Freak Out Your Friends Creepy Halloween Masks

Freaky Pig Face Mask

pig face Halloween mask

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This horrifying pig face mask is sure to be a hit at any costume party or Halloween celebration. It is quite realistic looking and sure to frighten anyone who is not expecting to see a scary looking pig. This is a latex mask that comes in one size that is designed to fit most people.


Upside Down Scary Head Mask

Halloween Mask

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This upside-down head mask is most definitely strange and very scary. It is made from eco-friendly nontoxic materials and is a one size mask designed to fit most children or adults.


Game Of Thrones White Walker Mask

white walker mask

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This game of thrones white walker mask is sure to impress any game of thrones fan. It is highly detailed and features all of the recognizable features of a white walker. The mask is made of rubber and if you need to clean it you can simply hand wash it.


Freaky Pumpkin Halloween Mask

halloween mask cool

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Get into the spirit of Halloween with this apt pumpkin mask. It is perfect for Halloween because it is scary and because the pumpkin is a widely recognized symbol of Halloween. This mask is 100% latex which means it is environmentally friendly and non toxic.


Alien Head Mask

alien head halloween mask

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This alien head mask is designed to fit any child or adult and it is made of latex. It is a very scary mask in daylight but it also glows in the dark which is pretty cool.


Horrifying Clown Mask

scary clown mask

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Many people are scared of clown and masks like this are part of the reason why. If you know someone who has a fear of clowns this is sure to scare the hell out of them. This is a foam and latex mask that is comfortable to wear for as long as you need to.


Creepy Corn Head Mask

Halloween corn head mask

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This freaky corn mask is sure to scare the kernels out of everyone you meet while wearing it. It is not a standard Halloween mask so if you like to stand out then this is a cool choice.


Cave Demon Mask

demon halloween costume

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This is a great choice of mask for Halloween because is creepy and quite realistic looking. Demons are well known for being the scariest things imaginable so this is sure to do its job and scare everybody.


Screaming Corpse Mask

zombie masks

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When it comes to scary movies there is no denying that TV shows and movies featuring zombies are very popular right now. If you plan to jump on this trend and dress as a zombie this Halloween then here is the perfect mask. It is really scary and sure to add a fabulous touch to any zombie outfit. This is a latex mask that can be washed by hand if you need to clean it.


Ghost Mask

ghost mask

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This mask is labeled as a ghost mask but it will suit variety of costumes. The vampire type teeth make it a great choice if you are going to dress as a vampire. You could also wear it with a zombie costume because it does have a great undead look. It also works well as a mask to wear with a ghost costume.

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