10 Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

A well placed and well designed kitchen storage can make your life a whole lot easier. Being able to access ingredients easily and quickly makes cooking a much more enjoyable experience. Here are 10 Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas that are inspirational and convenient. kitchen pantry ideavia

^ 1. A pantry that is designed around the fridge. This is an excellent way to make sure all of the food in your kitchen is stored together and easy to find. kitchen shlvesvia

^ 2. Pull out shelves are a great idea as they allow you to take advantage of deep storage cupboards and still find everything easily.silver kitchen shelfvia

^ 3. This stainless steel shelf from IKEA is easy to install and inexpensive. You can instantly create extra storage space. An excellent way to make sure that often used items are readily available. Or install inside your pantry one under the other if you need more shelf space.kitchen countervia

^4.  Maximize under counter space with well designed, pullout storage racks. This is a great way to work with the space you already have rather than add new cupboards.10 Creative Kitchen Storage Ideasvia

^5. These chalkboard labels are a good way to ensure that you can find what you need. You can write on them with chalk so if you need to re-purpose your labels you can do it easily.tray stragevia

^6. Pantry Tray Organizer Rack. Large baking trays and cutting boards can take up a lot of space. This rack is designed so that you can store them conveniently. At only $14 it's a great buy.

walk in pantryvia

^7. If you are lucky enough to have enough space a well designed walk in pantry is invaluable. The pull out door section in this one with the side shelves is a very cool, functional idea.kitchen shelvesvia

^8. Open shelving gives a fresh, interesting appeal and it allows you to display your cool kitchen gadgets. Everything is easily accessible at all times. The display is colorful and creates a great vibe.can rackvia

^9. These stack-able can racks are an excellent addition to any kitchen. If you want to store a lot of cans you can stack these racks on top of each other. Each rack holds 36 cans!spice rackvia

^10. Wall mountable magnetic spice rack. Perfect for keeping your spices exactly where they are needed most.


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