10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, Anytime

10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, Anytime

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Multi-tool is a very helpful product especially when you like to spend a lot of your time repairing things, traveling to unknown locations, or doing your own DIY projects. Even when you are at home, a small multi-tool might save you from the trouble of running all the way to your garage every time you need a tool to fix, repair, or cut something. 

So if you have a job that requires you to use tools of any kind or you are an adventurer who loves to test his or her own survival abilities, multi-tool is a product made for you and everyone else who likes to keep his or her things in the best condition.

Here are our suggestions to make your life easier and well-managed.

1. Wearable Multitool Bracelet - Buy Now10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, AnytimeSource: LEATHERMAN/Amazon

This TSA-compliant, stylish tread bracelet serves as a wearable toolbox that you can always carry on your wrist. It features 29 tools including flat and Phillips screwdrivers, oxygen tank wrench, box wrenches, hex drives, and many other frequently used tools that you often need to fix things at your home or workshop. 

The bracelet also comes with an impressive 25-year warranty from the manufacturer and it has fully adjustable links to fit your wrist. 

2. Swiss Army Multi-Tool - Buy NowwengerSource: Victorinox/Amazon

The swiss army multitool can perform 33 functions and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Built from durable high-quality stainless steel, this premium multi-tool is manufactured by Victorinox, a Switzerland-based brand that has been creating original swiss army knives since 1897. So why not buy one and see if that still does the job?

3. Survival Pocket Tool - Buy Nowmulti cardSource: W4W/Amazon

This stainless steel credit card-sized tool is perfect for any backpacker, and surprisingly, it costs less than a bagel. The multitool comes with a carrying case and features a can opener, blade, screwdriver, ruler, nail puller, 4x open hex wrench, butterfly screw wrench, cell phone mount, cable bender, 4x closed hex wrench, and a keychain hole. 

4. Multitool Camping Survival Gear - Buy Now 10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, AnytimeSource: RoverTac/Amazon

A compact hammer that can also act as a sharp wire cutter, bottle opener, screwdriver, and much more. If you love camping then this tough, abrasion-resistant mini multitool would soon become your best friend. Made from good quality stainless steel, this portable tool comes with a nylon pouch that can stay clung to your belt during your adventures.

5. Multifunctional Office Stationery Set - Buy Now

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Source: NUOLUX/Amazon

Do you struggle to keep all your stationery essentials together? Then this multitool offering a nice solution to all your stationary-related needs is the one. Equipped with a flexible ruler, stapler, puncher, cutter, storage box, adjustable plier, knife, and many more useful mini-sized tools, this multi-purpose product is a must-have office accessory.

6. Tough iPhone Case With Multitool - Buy Now

10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, AnytimeSource: Olixar/Amazon

This cool iPhone 11 armor comes with a handy survival multitool and a credit card slot. From cutting to measuring, and wrenching, the multi-tool can perform more than 25 tasks and you are least likely to forget it since it is always there inside your phone cover.

The product also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and has a flip-out kickstand that enables you to conveniently watch movies and videos on your phone.

7. Bicycle Repair Multitool - Buy NowbtoolSource: PRO BIKE TOOL/Amazon

With this 20 in 1 bicycle multitool, you can enjoy your ride without any worries. It comes with a chain splitter (8 to 12 speed), valve core tools, Allen keys, and many other bicycle repairing instrument that enable you to fix and adjust your bicycle settings whenever your need.      

8. Guitar Multitool - Buy Nowtools

Source: Groovetech/Amazon

Are you looking for an all-in-one guitar toolkit? You might want to try this 2nd generation multitool for musicians from Groovetech. It features a ruler, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 2.5mm slotted screwdriver, 4 metric, and 3 fractional hex keys. All of these tools are well suited to keep your guitar, amp, or drums in optimum condition.

This product comes with a polished chrome finish and is made of heat-treated S2 material. It works well with the US-based and most of the imported instruments.

9. Multitool Multi-Plier - Buy Now10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, AnytimeSource: GERBER/Amazon

A butterfly-shaped multitool that smoothly functions as a wire cutter, cross driver, needle nose plier, bottle opener, scissors, blade, and can opener. Equipped with SAF.T plus locking system, this spring-loaded lightweight mini-tool can handle everything from snipping fishing lines to wrapping birthday gifts.

10. Camping and Kitchen Multitool - Buy Now10 Handy Multi-Tools That'll Help You Anywhere, AnytimeSource: Caudblor/Amazon

This 4-in-1 camping cutlery is a great alternative to the flimsy and non-eco-friendly plastic cutlery that you have to use during camping or other outdoor activities. It includes a fork, knife, bottle opener, and spoon, and each of these stainless steel utensils is detachable so when required you can use them separately. 

Also, it works as a nice and easy-to-store utensil set for your kitchen. If you have a habit of losing your spoons and forks very often, then you should definitely try this product at home. 

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