10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans


The eighties was an interesting time and many people have fond memories of it.

Even people who are not old enough to remember the 80s sometimes enjoy cool 80s memorabilia.

If you are an 80s fan or are looking for a gift for someone who is then this list is sure to inspire you.

Push Button Phone That Looks Like A Retro Rotary Phone $37.47

This push button phone is designed to look like a retro rotary phone.

These first became popular in the 60s but anyone who lived through the 80s probably had one as well.

They were still commonly used by many people during the early 80s.

The phone is available in eight colors and it plugs into any standard phone socket.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
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AM/FM Electric Digital Clock Radio $96

This is a genuine vintage GE clock radio that is sure to bring back memories.

It is a used item but it is offered in mint condition and will work perfectly.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/GE

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Ghostbusters Deluxe Kit With P.K.E Meter $11.66

The classic Ghostbusters film was released back in 1984.

There is a more recent Ghostbusters movie but any child of the 80s will probably have fond memories of the original.

This kit includes a miniature book with stickers and a replica of the P.K.A meter that featured in the movie.

For those who don't know, P.K.E stands for 'Psycho-Kinetic Energy.'

The meter was used in the film to detect paranormal activity.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
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Cassette Tape To MP3 Converter $44.61

Cassettes were the new, modern way to listen to music in the 80s.

Mixtapes from the 80s have become quite an iconic symbol of 80s life.

If you still have some cassettes from the good old days you can use this device to convert them to MP3.

This means you can listen to your retro 80s mixtapes on modern devices.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Portable Audio & Headphones

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Retro Game Console With Over 90 Retro Games $33.99

This is gaming heaven for fans of retro 80s video games.

The console comes with over 90 popular retro games preloaded.

Enjoy all of the classics and maybe find a few that you haven't played before.

This is a plug and play system with modern features such as HDMI and AV outputs.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Retro-Bit

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Space Invaders Clock For 80s Fans $12.95

This bright clock is designed based on the legendary Space Invaders arcade game.

Space Invaders one of the most popular games around back in the 80s.

Many people still enjoy playing it today.

If retro gaming is your thing then this little clock makes the perfect bedside timepiece.

It is easy to use and it features original sounds from the Space Invaders game.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Fifty/50

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Modern Stickerless Neon Puzzle Cube $8.99

This puzzle cube is a modern version of the retro 80s Rubix cube.

It is sticker free and it features classic 80s neon colors. 

The cube also has modern functions that the original did not have.

Enjoy pop resistant pieces and adjust the tension to suit your style of play.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Brybelly

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Retro Style Hand Held Baseball Game $17.99

Handheld games are definitely cool retro gadgets that are synonymous with the 80s.

They first became popular in the 70s and they are fun for adults and for kids. 

This handheld game features two different modes and you can play with either one or two players.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Basic Fun

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Film And Negative Scanner $99.99

Photography was a whole different game before the invention of digital cameras.

Negatives and film are almost obsolete but with this device, you can convert them.

This scanner can convert your negative or film to 10-megapixel jpeg images.

If you have old film or negatives around this is a great way to save your treasured 80s photographs.

Negatives and film are easily damaged, with this scanner you can make sure your memories are safe.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Digitnow

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Classic Timex Digital Watch $29.96

In 2019 most watches that people wear are smartwatches.

This, of course, wasn't the case in the 80s and digital watches were considered to be technologically advanced.

You will recognize the design of this watch if you wore a watch in the 80s.

It is a classic men's digital watch designed by Timex.

This watch has all of the functions that were considered to be high tech in the 80s.

There is a stopwatch, an alarm, a countdown timer, a calendar, and a light-up digital dial.

10 Cool Modern Retro Gadgets For 80s Fans
Source: Amazon/Timex

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