10 Cool Bridges

Modern travel would not be complete without bridges to get us where we need to go. There are many interesting bridges all over the world. Here are 10 Cool Bridges for you to check out.

1. Magdeburg Water Bridge located in Germany. water bridgephoto via wikipedia.com

2. The Bloukrans Bridge in Africa was recorded as being the worlds highest single span arch bridge in the world (2011).africa bridgephoto via portelizabethdailyphoto.blogspot.com

3. The Rialto Bridge spans Venice's Grand Canal. It was built in 1951. An amazing, historical masterpiece.venice bridge


4. This bridge is located in Norway and it is called The Bridge To Nowhere. It is 8kms long and earned it's name because as you approach to bridge it appears as though it leads into the sea.Bridge-to-Nowherephoto via indianaspeedy.blogspot.com

5. The Sky Bridge in Malaysia was built as a pedestrian only bridge. It provides awesome views and is approximately 125 meters long.sky bridge

6. Singapore's Henderson Wave Bridge is a very creative structure featuring amazing lighting. This a pedestrian bridge, the longest one in Singapore.Henderson-Wave-Bridge-Singaporephoto via news.travel.aol.com

7. The Aiola Bridge  was designed by an artist named Vito Acconci. It is located in Graz Austria. The central part of the bridge houses a bar, a cafe and an area for sunbathing.Aiola-Bridge-Graz


8. The Banpo Bridge in Taiwan is a pedestrian bridge that becomes a shimmering rainbow at night. rainbow bridge


9. The Millau Bridge in France is the tallest bridge in the world that is built for vehicles. Amazingly is rises 1,125 above the Tarn Valley.french bridge

10. The Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong was the second longest suspension bridge in the world when it was built in 1991. It features two decks to carry railroad traffic and road vehicles.Tsing-Ma-Bridge

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