10 Awesome Cleaning Tips

Here are 10 Awesome Cleaning Tips to help you solve some common cleaning nightmares!

1. Have you ever tried to remove a price sticker from a new item? This can be a nuisance! Often you can remove the paper but that gummy residue remains. The easiest way to remove this is with some Eucalyptus oil. It's inexpensive and natural!

$4.79 at amazon.comcleaning tips 2. To keep a marble table top in good order buff it with car polish. Prevention is better than cure and this will protect the surface from stains. cleaning marble 3.  When you move furniture it can often leave indents in the carpet. You can fix this by placing a tea towel over the area and then pressing with a warm iron. This only works on pure wool carpets that do not have any synthetic fibres.

4. Speed clean a Chandelier. Cleaning a chandelier can take forever. Spraying each piece by hand or dusting is very time consuming. The fastest way to do this is to use a Chandelier Cleaner.  It's inexpensive and fast! Minimal wiping involved. chandelier cleaner

5. Cleaning grease from surfaces sometimes involves chemicals,  or a lot of scrubbing, but there is an easier way. Simply microwave your cleaning sponge or rag for 20-30 seconds. Put on some gloves and wipe the grease away.microw

6. Prevention is better than cure, keep glass shower doors sparkling clean by treating them with a product that repels water. Water and soap will bead and run off the glass! In order for this to work properly ensure that you clean the glass well before applying. water repellent sra

7. Remove per hair with duct tape by wrapping it around a paint roller! duct tae

8. Stain pens really do work. They allow you to quickly and easily target problem areas!stain p

9. Tea cups and pots can become stained over time. The most effective way to clean them is with a paste made from baking soda and water.

10.  A non stick oven liner will make it much easier to keep your oven clean. Even baked on spills will wipe off easier.  A great, inexpensive solution. oven liner

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