Laundries can often be very boring rooms and you can give yours a cool edge by creating some Washing Machine Art. All you need in order to do this is some electrical tape and your imagination. The tape is easily removable so if you ever have a new idea it’s easy to start over. Simply plan a design and then head to the laundry with scissors and tape!Washing Machine ArtYou can decorate your dryer to match your washer and also add some fun accessories. Electrical tape is not your only option of course, you can buy many different, cool stick on decals that will work just as well.Washing Machine Art wdd wdddd wddddd

Here are some neat stick on decals that would work really well! chalk^ This stick on chalkboard decal is a great idea if the side of your dryer or washer is visible in an unsightly way. It can also be used on your fridge or on a wall.gerb^ These bright flower decals will freshen up your laundry area and add a fresh, spring appeal.sup^ These Super Mario stick on decals are perfect for any gamer or bachelor pad.bat^ You can even get cool pegs like these back bat clothes pegs by suck UK. There really is no reason to have a boring laundry!

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