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You may be an MI5 agent but you may still need some help getting up in the mornings! If you have to get up at a certain hour in the morning, you just have to put this unique and creative alarm clock under your pillow and the alarm vibrates, waking you up in no time. The secret agent alarm clock also projects the time on your wall or ceiling when you pull the trigger.

Source: Amazon/ACHZX

Monday mornings are difficult for almost everyone, but this fun alarm clock will make you get out of bed with a smile. If you are not a morning person, then this is one alarm clock which will definitely make you want to get out of bed. Just pretend you are in a James Bond movie from the moment you wake up with the secret agent alarm clock! Then you will start looking forward to getting up in the morning!

This is a great gift for teenagers who are into spy movies or as a Christmas gift for the grown up teenager in your home. It definitely is a funky alternative to boring digital alarm clocks! It is also a great item to show off to your friends, who will think you are among the world’s intelligence elite for owning the secret agent alarm clock! The alarm clock measures approximately 1.1X5.1X4.1 inches and takes two 7th AAA batteries.

Available Here: ACHZX Creative Pistol Secret Agent 007 Pistol Alarm 

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