Unwind With The Island Margarita Candle. Studies have shown that certain scents can definitely affect our state of mind. If you love escaping to the seaside this candle is perfect because it captures the scent of an island holiday. You will be able to close your eyes and escape from the daily grind with this beautiful scent. Studies have shown that certain scents can promote relaxation and help us to relieve stress.

If you live near the ocean this is the perfect candle to scent your beach house. Enjoy it while you sip a margarita or soak up some sun.

This is a large candle that has been manufactured in the United States.

Unwind With The Island Margarita Candle

Unwind With The Island Margarita Candle

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If you live in the city or country away from the sea this candle is a wonderful way to conjure that beach holiday atmosphere. Candles are a great way to add ambience and a scent of your choice to the atmosphere. Use it at home, in the office or give it as a gift. Candles are a good choice as a gift because they are something that most people will use. This candles has a long burn time and it comes beautifully gift boxed to make it perfect for giving.

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