Unique Stationery Ideas For Home, Work or Study

We all need stationary sometimes, whether it is for work, home or study. Unique stationery that appeals to you can make your task seem much more enjoyable.

Fun Back To School Gift Ideas

Everyone uses stationary for one reason or another which is why cool unique stationery items make great gifts that are both fun and useful.


Check them out online here – MERSUII 10 Pcs Multi Colors Colorful Gel Ink Pen Cute Korean Cartoon Pin Type Wholesale kawaii stationery 10 pens 10 Colors Set

This sweet set of colorful pens is the perfect gift for any girl. Lovely for students to use at home or at school. There are ten colorful pens included.


Available here – Liroyal 6pc Pens with 6 Colors (1, yinliao)

These little pens have little soda bottle lids that look really cool. Just the right size to use as a take everywhere pen in your handbag or car.

Tape Holders


Where you can get it – Scotch Kitty Dispenser with Scotch Magic Tape , 3/4 x 350 Inches, 1 Roll, 1 Dispenser (C39-KITTY-W))

This adorable cat sticky tape dispenser is a unique stationary idea that is sure to brighten up your desk!

Not Just For Children

It is often assumed that novelty or interesting stationary is for children. However, when you work in an office environment you will understand how important it can be to stay inspired. Little things such as stationary that you love will help you get through the day.


Scotch Kitty Dispenser with Scotch Magic Tape , 3/4 x 350 Inches, 1 Roll, 1 Dispenser (C39-KITTY-W))

Bamboo Calculator


This is a calculator that is unusually made from bamboo. You can use it to perform all common mathmetical tasks and rely on it to look great on your desk!

Get it here – Smart Tech Handcrafted Natural Bamboo Wooden Calculator Enviorment Friendly

Cool Pens


You will love this set if you like gel pens. Many people do enjoy using gel pens as they are smooth to write with and come in a variety of great colors. There are metallic colors such as gold and silver as well as many different shades of other colors.

Available here – Latest 60 Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring. 60 Unique Top Quality Gel Ink Pens from CulaLuva for Adult Coloring, Doodling & Drawing


You will love using these cute tulip pens and they will look great displayed in a holder on your desk.

Where to get tulip pens – Katoot@ 7 pcs/set novelty Rose Flower watercolor chalk pen DIY decoration for album color pens set korean stationery school suplies

Light Up Pens


Light up pens are a cool novelty item but they are also handy. You will find that it can be very useful to carry one of these in your handbag or car. If you are someone who often takes notes on the go you know how frustrating it is when there is not enough light. A unique stationary ideas that is also great to keep beside your bed for jotting down great ideas that come to you at night.

Get them here – 24 Pcs Creative Stationery Novelty Rollerball Pen with Small Illuminating light,Color Random


Set of matchstick pens is available here – Funi 20pcs/lot Novelty Matchstick Ballboint Pen School Supplies Match Pen Stationery,Blue (20PCS)

eagle-pen Unique Stationary

This eagle pen has been hand carved. A very unique and interesting pen.

Get it here – Lazada Novelty Handmade Wood Cartoon Eagle Ballpoint Pens Birthday Gifts (Eagle No.1)


A personalized notebook is a wonderful back to school gift or gift for a busy person. You will find that you can add any text you choose to the notebook so if you want it for a specific person or purpose it is perfect. Unique stationary that is personalized is a wonderful way to help keep your motivation high. You can also ensure that your notebook is easily recognizable so can be returned to you easily if you accidentally leave it behind.

Customize it here – Custom Personalized Name Notebook

Cute Car Pens


Any young or young at heart car lover will enjoy these novelty pens. They are inexpensive and so cute! Unique stationery makes a great novelty gift for almost any person, we all use pens for one reason or another in our day to day lives.

Get them here – 6 Pcs Creative Office Stationery Mini Car Shaped Rollerball Pen,Color Random


You will enjoy these adorable novelty pens. They stand by themselves so if you are looking for unique stationary to leave in convenient places such as near the phone they will work really well.

Get them here – Zebratown 20pcs/lot Cute Cartoon Ostrich Type Craft Ball Point Pens – 0.5mm Blue Ink


You will love this sweet set of pencils with erasers on top. These are perfect for young students or to brighten up a dreary office. You will love the low price as well. Perfect for the classroom or a students home study.

Pack of twelve cute pencils available online here – KitMax (TM) Pack of 12 Pcs Cute Cool Novelty Cartoon Eraser Wood Pencil Office School Supplies Students Children Gift (Style May Vary)


If you like your writing to be colorful because you love to highlight important parts these pens will be perfect for you. Each one does have six different colors so that you can easily mix them up howeve you choose to.

Available online here – FOUR 4Pcs Novelty 6 Color in 1 Ballpoint Pen Office School Supplies Students Gift


Any little or young at heart princess will these cute novelty diamond pens. You will love the way they look when displayed on your desk.

Available here – Diamond Pens


Available online here – KitMax (TM) Pack of 12 Pcs 0.38 Mm Cute Cool Novelty Noctilucent Young Leaves Phone Dust Plug Gel Ink Pen Office School Supplies Students Children Gift (Color May Vary)

Swan Pens


You will love these elegantly shaped swan pens. These look great and are also wonderful to write with.

Get them here – KitMax (TM) Pack of 8 Pcs 0.5mm Cute Cool Novelty Swan Shape Gel Ink Pen Office School Supplies


If you love to display plants in your home or work office these neat pens will fit right in.

Get them here – AUCH 10pcs Novelty Kawaii Cartoon Branch Black Ink Gel/ Ink Rollerball Pens/Forest Grass Blade Leaf Ballpoint Pen–latest Creative Stationery Gift,Random Color

happy-pens Unique Stationary

These happy little pens are sure to keep you cheerful in the office. It is also small and portable so you can carry it around as an emergency pen in your pocket or in your bag.

Get them here – 6PCS Smiling Face Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen Cute Cartoon Favor Retractable Ball Pen


You will love the way these pens look if you need to supply a lot of pens for the use of students or clients. A unique stationary idea that doubles as fresh looking office decor. You can put the next to an actual plant for extra effect.

Get them online here – Gel pens from heartybay 10 Pieces Gel Pen Set Assorted Colors Lovely Cute Ballpoint Pen for School, Office, Family use


Pens are useful but they can also be fun. These adorable giraffe pens are great for anyone who loves unique stationary and also for children. Cute pens like this are a wonderful idea for the classroom which makes them a cool gift idea for any teacher or student.

Available here – Zebratown Kids Gifts Novelty Animal Giraffe Ballpoint Pens Ball Pen Set Gifts Prizes for Kids,12pcs

Elegant Pencil Cases


These elegant cases are perfect for holding your pens and pencils. They are available in blue, red and several other beautiful colors. These cases all feature a delicate and pretty oriental design. You could also use these to hold cometics or other small items while travelling.

Available here – Xin Yu Chinese Embroidery Pencil Case ,Stationery Pouch Bag,Cosmetic Bags, Set of 4

Mistakes Made Pretty


Katoot@ 4pcs korean cute correction tape kawaii stationery masking tape school supplies DIY Scrapbooking Stickers



You can check them out here – Funnylive®The Large Capacity Pencil Case Waterproof Stationery Bag Receive Bag(2pcs&xFF09;



You will adore this sweet unicorn sticky tape dispenser. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself to brighten up a tedious office.

Available here – NPW Unicorn Tape Dispenser (NP25118)


Everybody loves sharpies! This set will ensure that you always have permenant markers on hand. There are 24 different colors in this pack, high quality and fun to use.

Get them here – Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24-Count

Cute Sticky Notes For Important Stuff


You can keep note of important tasks easily when you use these cute sticky notes. A great idea is to color code so that you know which tasks are most important.

Get them here – Surprising Bowknot Flag Sticky Notes


This is a set of novelty mechanical pencils featuring cats. They are refillable so you will always have something to write with.

Get them here –  Set Of 8 Cute Novelty Kawaii Cartoon Cool Animal Black Cat 0.7mm Fine Point Mechanical Pencils For Kids Office School

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