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The Unique Laowa Macro Probe DSLR Lens looks very strange but it can help you to take some very cool and interesting photographs. It is cool because it allows you to capture amazingly details images of small subjects. There are many great macro lenses around but this one is different.

The lens is just over 16 inches long and the shape of it allows you to take photographs in places that you could not usually. This is because a standard macro lens can be bulky and short. With this lens you can take wonderful close up photographs without having to be too close to the subject.

The Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe lens is not like any lens you have used before. You can focus very close to the subject which allows you to take highly detailed photographs. This lens captures detail that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

macro lens

image source – kickstarter              check it out here – kickstarter

If you enjoy creative photography then you will love this lens. It will allow you to capture images that most other photographers cannot. This is because it has features that allow you to take unique pictures that are not possible to capture using any other lens.

cool dslr lens

image source – kickstarter              check it out here – kickstarter

Unique Laowa Macro Probe DSLR Lens

Unique Laowa Macro Probe DSLR Lens

image source – kickstarter              check it out here – kickstarter

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