cool wine bottle holder

Wine is a common gift item and this unicorn wine bottle holder will make it seem a little bit more unique. Many people give bottles of wine as gifts for occasions or because they wish to show appreciation. Wine is often give to dinner hosts, for birthdays or as a thank you gift. This wine bottle holder is great because it makes the gift more personal. This is especially true if the recipient is someone who likes unicorns because it show that you have put extra thought into the gift.

Fun Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder – Specifications

This is a high quality item that is both ornamental and useful. It is made from quality polyresin and has been hand finished. The painting and the polishing have both been done by hand so you can be sure that it looks great. As well as being both useful and great to display this is also an exclusive collectors piece. This is because it is part of the Atlantic Collectibles exclusive collection. The unicorn wine bottle holder is 5.75 inches high,  11 inches long and 4.75 inches wide.

unicorn wine bottle holder

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Fun Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder – For Your Home Bar

This is a great addition to any home bar because it looks so cool. You can team it with other unicorn items to create a complete theme. Because the colors are quite neutral it will also look good with existing decor in most cases. The perfect way to display a special bottle of wine that is expensive or rare. You could also use it to display an empty bottle from a special occasion that is a keepsake.

cool wine bottle holder

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