The JAG grill takes BBQing to a whole new level. This is the ultimate family BBQ. Everyone can cook their favorites without having to compete for space. This is a brilliant concept that everyone will love! The Jag Grill is designed to provide an outdoor dining experience like no other.

A brand new design concept that is not yet available in stores. Pre orders are being accepted via the Jag Grill websitemain_bbq_partyAn amazing idea for any outdoor gathering. The innovative design incorporates three main factors, a grill, a fire pit and a table for each person. It seats up to eight people so no one will miss out! 3-in-1_grillThe legs are adjustable and it folds for easy storage. luxury_grill_firepit_domeThe fire pit in the centre is covered by a dome. The dome can be removed easily so that the fire can be tended. Ultimate Family BBQ^The wooden table surfaces can be removed for storage or to accomodate anyone who would prefer to stand while cooking. The patent is pending. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very popular item!

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