Triple Raw Blue Diamond Rose Gold Ring

This triple raw blue diamond rose gold ring is perfect for anyone who adores beautiful and unique jewellery. There are three rough, uncut blue diamonds set into the ring. The diamonds are beautiful because they feature a natural shape and they are conflict free. These uncut diamonds are accentuated by a textured setting. Raw gemstones are not often used to create jewelry and this handmade ring does so in an interesting way.

Unique jewelry is a great idea as a collectable item because it’s value can increase over time. A wonderful gift idea to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or Mothers Day.

If you are looking for a gift for someone born in April this is perfect because diamond is the birthstone for the month of april. Diamonds can be quite expensive but because the diamonds in this ring are uncut it is a great budget friendly choice. It is also very unique because it is not something that you can buy in your local jewellery store. The ring has been dipped in rose gold and the shank is filled with 14k rose gold. Each one of these rings is unique because they are made to order, not made in bulk. This is great for anyone who has difficulty finding rings in the correct size.

Triple Raw Blue Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Triple Raw Blue Diamond Rose Gold Ring

image source – etsy                       Available at etsy

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