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Maybe you used to think growing house plants was something grandparents or pensioners with a lot of free time on their hands did. However people have recently started realizing that growing houseplants not only looks good, but is also healthy. You can grow houseplants at home that create a calming atmosphere, purify the air and are medicinally good as well. These trendy houseplants are so easy to take care of and they also make your home look and feel great.

You can also get pots for your houseplants which will make your home look and feel cosy and beautiful. These trendy houseplants will help make your abode look stylish as well as provide benefits for your health. These trendy houseplants will help you look and sound hip, without taking much time out of your busy lives as well.

Snake Plant

Source: Amazon/Costa Farms

This plant is particularly low maintenance and ideal for someone who is not home a lot. It looks good, and will help make your place look great. But it also does not require a lot of your time and attention.

The plant can adapt to full sun or light shade, but placing it in bright indirect sunlight is the best. You can place it in your patios and balconies to create a tropical paradise. You can soak the plant’s soil, but allow it to dry between watering.

Also note that, the snake plant can have a low toxicity if consumed. It’s not lethal but best to keep away from pets and small children.

Available Here: Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Source: Amazon/Hirts:House Plant

This plant is great to get rid of the toxins in the air without spending much money at all. It is a great gift for the home, apartment, office or dormitory. It’s best to place the plant in bright, indirect light or artificial light. To take care of it, do not keep it wet or dry but evenly moist.

Available Here: Hirts: House Plant Ocean Spider Plant

Aloe Vera Plant

Source: Amazon/JM BAMBOO

Aloe Vera is definitely one of the trendiest houseplants to grow, with aloe vera extract being used in almost every household cosmetic item now. It is very easy to grow. All you have to do is place it in a bright, warm, sunny spot and it only requires watering once every couple of weeks

This plant looks good and it will fit in with modern decor. You can also grow it in the office as it is perfect for desks and tabletops. Aloe Vera plant is intended as an indoor houseplant but it can also be grown outdoors in dry climates.

Available Here: JM BAMBOO Aloe Vera Plant

St. John’s Wort

Source: Amazon/Green Promise Farms

Growing an herb as a houseplant may sound a bit novel, but it’s really worth it for the health benefits it provides. This herb improves mood, reduces anxiety and improves sleep. It grows well in the full sun. The plant’s yellow spring flowers bloom brightly in May. It will be dormant with no leaves from late fall through the winter months, and then leaf out in spring. Its eye-catching fall berries will catch the eye all seasons. It looks lovely and it is definitely one of the trendiest houseplants to have in your home.

Available Here: Green Promise Farms Mocca St. John’s Wort

Boston Fern

Source: Amazon/Costa Farms

The Boston Fern is very cool, especially for three things: It removes formaldehyde better than other plants. It also acts as a humidifier for your home. Thirdly, the Boston Fern looks good and adds a lot of color to your space. It also removes other toxins from indoor air such as toluene and xylene. The leafy plants are also known to improve mood and reduce stress. The Boston Fern is easy to care for and grows well indoors as well as on porches and patios. The soil must not get dry or saturated. The Boston Fern also enjoys high humidity, so it has to be misted regularly.

Available Here: Costa Farms, Home Décor, Premium Live Indoor Boston Fern

Jade Plant

Source: Amazon/JM BAMBOO

This is also one of the trendiest plants to have at the moment as it is so easy to grow. It is perfect for the professional who doesn’t have much time on their hands. The plant, also known as friendship tree, lucky plant or money plant, has small pink or white flowers. Native to South Africa, it prefers to grow in the sun and you only have to water it when dry.

Available Here: JM BAMBOO Jade Plant


Source: Amazon/Clovers Garden

This is one of the most popular herbs since ancient Roman times. It looks beautiful and is known to help many ailments. Sage can aid indigestion flatulence and help boost your mood. It is also good for soothing insect bites and skin infections.

Available Here: Clovers Garden Sage Herb Plant

English Ivy

Source: Amazon/Sprig&Stone

This plant may not look as great as the other plans but it takes toxins like benzene out of the air. It’s easy to control how long it grows so it is also good as a hanging plant. It does not need much light and grows easily. All these features put it among the trendiest houseplants to grow as well.

Available Here: Sprig&Stone Hedera helix ‘English Ivy’ 

Peace Lily

Source: Amazon/ProFlowers

This is a very low-maintenance plant which also looks lovely. It has broad, dark green leaves and very pretty white flowers. This is great for your home decoration and is also perfect as a gift to the house proud friend. The plant is known to remove harmful volatile organic compounds from indoor air. Peace lily can grow up to 36 inches tall and prefers bright conditions for optimal blooming. But it can also tolerate low light. The soil is best kept moist; the plant can wither when too dry, but livens up after it gets water.

Available Here: ProFlowers Premium Peace Lily

Rubber Plant

Source: Amazon/Hirt’s Gardens

The rubber plant is an old favorite of plant lovers as it’s so easy to grow and looks great in the house, apartment, office or dormitory. It will grow in bright, indirect or artificial light. Being very low maintenance has placed it among the trendiest houseplants to grow as well.

Available Here: Hirt’s Gardens Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant

Kentia Palm

Source: Amazon/serendipityseed

This beautiful and graceful plant is so easy to grow as it thrives in homes and workplaces where other plants may would have a hard time. It is very good at cleaning the air and can adapt to low lights and humidity levels. It is a good plant for beginners: In only a few years, with good light, you can receive regular flowers. The plant likes a deep, rich well fertilized soil which has to be kept moist and fed once a month. The Kentia palm has to be kept humid in dry conditions and has to be misted occasionally.

Kentia palm grows naturally only on the Lord Howe Island group, in the Tasman Sea. This is about 500 miles off the eastern coast of New South Wales, Australia, which is a cool subtropical environment.

Available Here: serendipityseed Howea Forsteriana Seeds Kentia Palm Houseplant 

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