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This summer you may be going to a lot of outdoor picnics or attending barbeques. Or let’s say you’re going to a house-warming party or a birthday party. The problem is how to carry that bottle of wine you want to give the host or birthday boy/girl. This wooden wine bottle carrier will let you to carry your bottle of wine in a very classy way. It also unfolds to turn into a serving tray and the host can serve glasses from the wine they received.

Source: Amazon/Rackpack

All they have to do is swing open the sides of the carrier and the carrier will lay flat on the surface. Then you just put a few hooks in place to make sure it doesn’t come undone when carrying your glasses of wine.

          Source: Amazon/Rackpack

The convertible wine bottle carrier and serving tray is made in China from pine wood. It combines a wine carrier and tray in one convertible design and it will be used for a long time after the wine has been consumed. It is 14.75 inches long and 4.75 inches wide and 6.25 inches high when used as a carrier. It measures 15.13 inches long x 14.75 inches wide x 2.38 inches high when it is being used as a serving tray.

The carrier has to be cleaned only with a damp cloth and then it should be air dried. Mineral oil can also be used to help preserve the wood. This wine bottle carrier makes a perfect gift which can be used as a picnic package or given a hostess and it sure will be used a long time after that bottle of wine has been emptied.

Available here: Rackpack Tray Chique Wine Holder


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