This Stunning Yowah Boulder Opal Stone features an amazing natural pattern that is very cool. One of the coolest things about gemstones or stones of any kind is that each one is unique. The pattern seen on this one is particularly unique and it is sure to stand out no matter how you plan to use it. Because it is so unique there is, of course, only one of these available. You can order it as is or you can choose to have it set into a pendant necklace.

Because this is a natural stone it is 100% unique. There are other stones available but every one is different in shape and size and the patterns are different. If you love unique jewellery but can’t afford to buy a lot of expensive jewelry it is still possible to put together quite an amazing collection. There are many unique jewellery pieces available that feature semi precious stones. You can buy semi precious jewelry of all kinds such as necklaces, pendants, earrings and more.

This is a wonderful gift idea because it is so unique and it is also inexpensive. Jewellery is a popular gift item that is great for almost any occasion. A good choice for Mother’s Day, birthdays or holidays such as Christmas.

Stunning Yowah Boulder Opal Stone

Stunning Yowah Boulder Opal Stone

image source – etsy                           available at – etsy

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