This stick on smartphone credit card holder is cool because it is so convenient. If you often store your cards inside your phone case or if you take your phone everywhere you go then you will find this to be very useful. The holder is very easy to use, simply stick it on your smartphone or on your smartphone case.

This is designed for use with smartphones but you can also stick it to another surface if required. The adhesive is strong so you will not need to be concerned that it will fall off and you will misplace your cards. Credit cards and smartphones are often the most used items that we carry. If you carry yours in a handbag this stick on card holder will make it easy for you to conveniently locate your cards within your bag. It can be irritating when you need to search through your bag in order to find a card so you can pay for items in store.

Stick On Smartphone Credit Card Holder

Stick On Smartphone Credit Card Holder

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