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Love your eggs? If so then you will understand how annoying it is when you want eggs for breakfast but find that you have run out! This can happen a lot is shared households as eggs are used a lot in cooking as well as for breakfasts and snacks. This egg tray syncs with your mobile phone and lets you check how many eggs you have left from wherever you are. This means you can check how many eggs you have left on your way home from work or when you are at the supermarket so you know whether you need to pick some up. It also keeps track of the age of each of your eggs so that you know which ones need to be used first and which ones need to be thrown away. Great if you have your own chickens and are constantly adding eggs to your tray a few at a time.

Get it here –Quirky Egg Minder Wink App Enabled Smart  Egg Tray

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