This sloth pals mobile handmade in Peru is perfect if you love unique and cute items. You will also love this if the sloth is one of your favorite creatures. There are many different mobiles available for kids but this one is different because it is so unique. It is made of alpaca wool and the filling is acrylic. People of all ages will love this beautiful handmade piece because it is not an item that is common. Many mobiles featured in nurseries or homes are manufactured in bulk but if you want something different this one fits the bill.

Sloth Pals Mobile Handmade in Peru

Sloth Pals Mobile Handmade in Peru

image source                       Available at uncommon goods

Sloths are beautiful animals that are loved by many people. They are very good swimmers but tend to spend most of their time in trees.

Any child that is learning about animals will be sure to love how cool and fun this is. The sloth pals mobile makes a lovely birthday gift and it is a great gift for a new baby. Give it at a baby shower or just because you know someone who will love it.

The mobile is 17 inches wide and 15 inches long. Including the overhang it measures approximately 18 inches from top to bottom. Mobile must be hung out of reach of children under three years old as it contains small parts. Perfect for hanging above a crib or cradle to entertain your little one.

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