The Root coding robot is designed to teach coding. There are many similar ones around but this is one of the best. Beginners and advanced users will find it to be a useful tool due to it’s unique design. Many similar machines only focus on teaching the basics but the Root Robotics coding robot does much more than that.

The Root Coding Robot Is The Best

There have been claims made that this coding Robot is the best. This is because of the simple yet intuitive way that it operates. The interactive design and the simplicity make it an invaluable teaching tool. Lessons are organised into levels, as a result so you can easily see how far you have come. You or you child will learn quickly and efficiently, because it is so much fun to use.

It’s Best Features

The Root coding robot is designed based on the premise that coding is all about solving problems. It does more than just teach the basics it also teaches creative and logical problem solving. This is because the ability to find solutions to problems in creative and logical ways is a relevant skill for any coder. Root Robotics has incorporated cool features that teach these skills without an overload of flat, boring learning tasks. The Root Coding robot can move, climb, scan, draw, react, hear and more. You will love how easy and fun it is to use.

The Levels

There are three levels involved. The first teaches essential skills such as using logic and creativity to solve issues. Level two is about language building and competency. The third level is an advanced level, it teaches the structure of professional coding languages such as python and swift.

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The Root Coding robot is available at Root Robotics




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