These reclaimed guitar string pretty gemstone bangles are fabulous because they are so unique. If you are someone who loves to wear fashion items that are creative and interesting you will love these.

They are made from reclaimed guitar strings and each one is decorated with semi-precious stones. The guitar strings used are non-tarnish gold acoustic strings. They will look good for a very, very long time and have an authentic feel. Every single one is special because each one is handmade by a group of artisans in New Orleans.

A really cool gift idea for anyone who enjoys both art and music because it combines both. These are such creative jewelry pieces that capture a lot of different elements. Suitable for a wide range of people.

You can be sure that you are wearing jewelry that is interesting and different. This is important when it comes to fashion because when you want to stand out you do not want to be wearing the same off the rack jewellery as everybody else.

You can give an amazing birthday gift by giving one of these because you can choose one that features the recipients birthstone. Gemstones used include turquoise, peridot, apatite nuggets, amber, citrine, carnelian, and tourmaline.

Reclaimed Guitar String Pretty Gemstone Bangles

Reclaimed Guitar String Pretty Gemstone Bangles

image source                  Available at uncommon goods

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