pizza pouch

The Pizza Emergency Portable Pizza Pouch is the perfect way to bring that leftover slice with you in case of a pizza emergency. It is a great idea as a gift because it is a fun item and also because it is useful. The pizza pouch does have a ziplock seal so if you do like to take a slice of pizza to work or school it will keep it fresh for you.

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 Pizza Emergency Portable Pizza Pouch- Unique and Fun

Any pizza lover or gadget lover is sure to appreciate this somewhat interesting invention. The pouch comes with a clip on strap so you can wear it around your neck or hang it somewhere handy.

Pizza Emergency Portable Pizza Pouch

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You will better knowing that a slice of pizza is not far away! It is important to note that the pouch is not oven or microwave safe so you will need to remove your pizza from the pouch before heating. Some people do enjoy cold leftover pizza, if this is you then the microwave will not be an issue.

pizza pouch

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You are sure to be the envy of all pizza fans when you are wearing this around your neck! If you really want to be classy you could take it to a pizza restaurant so you have somewhere to put a piece for later. It is sure to bring laughs wherever you use it, fo die hard pizza fans!

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